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Irlands Küsten (2012)
Director: Heiko De Groot   Lothar Frenz   Corinna von Düszeln  
Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita (2012)
Director: Josh Martin  
Actors: Peter Kuruvita  
Jak Na Internet/How to Use the Internet (2012)
Director: Jiri Novak  
Actors: Roman Zach  
James Hyde Steals the Show (2012)
Director: Marty Watts  
Actors: James Hyde   Ghostface Killah   Jo Weldon  
Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket (2012)
Director: Tom Sheahan  
Actors: Jimmy Doherty  
Jodi Orton: Fostering Change (2012)

'Each and every day we have the chance to make a difference in the life of another person. I believe it; my husband beli...

Director: Sam Windsor-Phillips  
Actors: Jodi Orton  
Jugoslavenske tajne sluzbe (2012)
Director: Silvio Jesenkovic  
Actors: Goran Navojec   Danijel Ljuboja   Goran Grgic  
Kaitakushatachi (2012)
Actors: Hikari Mitsushima   Hirofumi Arai   Gô Ayano  
Katarina's Kat Scratch Cinema (2012)
Director: Christian Alexander Moran  
Kia Liv på Julemærkehjemmet (2012)
Director: Micha Fuglede  
Killer Trials: Judgment Day (2012)

This true-crime series examines some of the world's most horrifying and sensational cases to be brought to trial. Each e...

Actors: Erik Dellums   Natasha Coppola-Shalom  
Kinder des Ostens (2012)
Director: Jan Peter   Henrike Sandner  
Kingdom of Plants 3D (2012)

3D technology reveals a whole new dimension in the lives of plants, from the most bizarre to the most beautiful. In this...

Kodawari otoko to marusa no onna (2012)
Actors: Shinpei Asai   Takehiro Hira   Manpei Ikeuchi  
Kulturkrieger (2012)
Actors: Katrin Sandmann  
Kur Royal (2012)
Director: Meike Hemschemeier   Monika Kirschner   Nina Koshofer   Marion Schmidt  
La France sauvage (2012)
Actors: Senta Berger  
La Ruta Azul (2012)
Director: Julio Hormaeche  
Actors: Francis Mallmann  
La primera vegada (2012)
Director: Juanjo Moscardó Rius   César Sabater  
La route des oliviers (2012)
Director: Albert Knechtel  
La vie la nuit (2012)
Actors: Sidonie Bonnec  
Lace Up (2012)
Actors: Machine Gun Kelly  
Land in Sicht! - Was kam nach der Elbeflut? (2012)
Director: Susann Blum   Tobias Wilke  
Le bonheur est dans l'assiette (2012)
Director: Philippe Allante  
Legendäre Raddampfer (2012)
Director: Matthias Hoferichter   Kerstin Holl   Anne Mesecke  
Actors: Torsten Michaelis  
Lendas do UFC (2012)
Actors: Jose Aldo   Vitor Belfort   Mark Coleman  
Les Carnets de Julie (2012)
Director: Christian Gaume  
Actors: Julie Andrieu  
Les visionnaires (2012)
Director: Mark Chatel   Isabelle Major  
Lifeguard! (2012)
Actors: Christopher Emerson  
Lige midt imellem (2012)

Nikolaj's older brother Oliver is 14 years old, he plays music, skateboards and is generally pretty cool. Nikolaj also h...

Director: Laila Hodell  
Actors: Nikolaj Hodell   Oliver Hodell   Tobias Hodell  
Limburg Helpt (2012)
Director: Marijn Poels  
Listen (2012)
Actors: Bryce Hodgson   Kellan Larson   Danielle Shepard  
Lokal Journalen (2012)
Director: Peter Storm Michaelsen  
Actors: René Hansen   Henning Longet   Inge Hansen  
Londres Assim (2012)
Director: Rodrigo Pinto  
Los Fuegos en París (2012)

Francis Mallmann makes a new trip, this time to one of the places that most influenced him as a cook: Paris. Francis wil...

Director: Ariel Ludin  
Actors: Francis Mallmann  
Lost in NRW - Allein unter Männern (2012)
Actors: Lisa Ortgies   Yvonne Willicks  
Love, Hate & Propaganda: The War on Terror (2012)
Actors: Ken Jarecke   Ethan McCord  
Luke Nguyen's Greater Mekong Series 2 (2012)

In the second instalment of the series acclaimed chef, Luke Nguyen, ventures deeper into the Greater Mekong region to di...

Director: Michael Donnelly  
Actors: Luke Nguyen  
Luke Nguyen's Greater Mekong (2012)

Celebrated chef, Luke Nguyen, in the third instalment of his popular series takes us on a culinary journey across the Gr...

Director: Michael Donnelly  
MAKERS: Women Who Make America Video Archive (2012)

An historical video initiative developed by AOL showcasing hundreds of stories from trailblazing women - both known and ...

Actors: Hillary Rodham Clinton   Katie Couric   Ellen DeGeneres  
Made in Corsica (2012)
Director: Gérôme Bouda  
Madeira Cultura (2012)
Director: Filipe Ferraz  
Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Nation (2012)
Director: Duncan Barnes  
Actors: Madhur Jaffrey  
Mamwlad (2012)
Director: Catrin Edwards  
Actors: Caron Reidy  
Maniotas (2012)

"Maniotas" is a documentary series about the role that sport plays in society and reflecting situations both funny and t...

Mankind the Story of All of Us (2012)

Follow-up to 'America the Story of Us'. Mankind embraces a groundbreaking way of telling this epic human story. Drawing ...

Actors: Paul Hampshire  
Marie (2012)

Marie! is an inspirational journey to help people make a difference in their own lives. The segments will feature celebr...

Marley Marl Classic Recipes (2012)
Director: John Carluccio  
Actors: Marley Marl  
Mary Mary (2012)
Actors: Erica Atkins   Tina Campbell  
Masters of Money (2012)
Director: Tristan Quinn   Martin Small  
Actors: Stephanie Flanders  
Megafactories Michelin Tyres (2012)
Director: Dylan Weiss  
Mein schönes Land TV (2012)
Director: Mirella Pappalardo  
Melvyn Bragg on Class & Culture (2012)
Director: Robert Bee  
Actors: Melvyn Bragg  
Mercados do minha terra (2012)
Director: Iva Areias  
Mig og min tvilling (2012)

Cecilie and Katrine are identical twins, but after Cecilie got cancer they look a lot less alike. After the summer holid...

Director: Mikala Krogh  
Actors: Cecilie Bendix Bruun   Katrine Bendix Bruun   Stine Bruun  
Mig uden dig (2012)

Nine-year-old No has lived with his big sister Metha all of his young life, but now she is off to Japan for a whole year...

Director: Aage Rais-Nordentoft  
Actors: No Rais-Nordentoft   Metha Rais-Nordentoft   Karen Rais-Nordentoft  
Milestones of Champions: The Journeys of Canada's Paralympians (2012)

Milestones of Champions: The Journeys of Canada's Paralympians is a three-part mini-series featuring an in-depth look at...

Actors: Graeme Spicer  
Missione natura: Bahamas (2012)
Director: Claudia Panero  
Actors: Vincenzo Venuto  
Mo's Boozy Bits (2012)
Director: Maureen Whelan  
Actors: Maureen Whelan  
Morgan Spurlock's New Britannia (2012)
Actors: Morgan Spurlock  
Motorbike Diaries: Mad in the Med (2012)
Director: Graham Hoskins   Danny John-Jules  
Actors: Danny John-Jules   Graham Hoskins  
My Mom Is Obsessed (2012)

Series will give an intimate, heart-warming and sometimes shocking look into the lives of moms and daughters who are any...

Másfélmillió lépés Magyarországon - 32 év múlva (2012)
Director: Tibor Nemes  
Actors: Zsolt Bayer   Pál Oberfrank  
Métronome (2012)
Director: Fabrice Hourlier  
Actors: Lorànt Deutsch  
Nada Tenho de Meu (2012)
Director: João Paulo Cuenca   Tatiana Salem Levy   Miguel Gonçalves Mendes  
Nanotechnologies: La révolution invisible (2012)
Director: Michael Allder   Takahiro Hamano   Olivier Julien  
National Geographic Explorer: The 400 Million Dollar Emerald (2012)
Director: Dave Linstrom  
Actors: Aaron Moses  
Nature's Weirdest Events (2012)
Director: Louise Turner  
Neighbourhood (2012)
Director: Jonathan Brough   Reuben Pillsbury   Jeff Szusterman  
New Zealand from Above (2012)

Episode 1 The Far South In the far south of New Zealand we discover the southern city of Dunedin, Southland and the worl...

Newlyweds: The First Year (2012)

Explores the ups and downs of marriage as diverse couples from across the country experience the trials and tribulations...

Nicki Minaj: My Truth (2012)

Platinum selling rap artist Nicki Minaj makes headlines wherever she goes, for her music, her unique sense of style, and...

Actors: Nicki Minaj  
Noirs de France (2012)
Director: Juan Gélas  
Actors: Anasthasie Tudieshe  
Nordisk rum (2012)
Actors: Mads Arlien-Søborg   Li Pamp   Benedicte Sunde  
North Pole Ice Airport (2012)

Every year, for one month only, a bizarre community springs up in the planet's most hostile environment. Men and machine...

Director: Stephen Mezelas  
Actors: Richard Hawley  
Nothing But Net (2012)
Director: Sean Wainsteim  
Nothing But Net (2012)
Director: Sean Wainsteim  
Obese: A Year to Save My Life (2012)
Director: Luke Campbell   Adam Kaleta  
Obsessions (2012)

From the bold to the bizarre, from the freaky to the fun - every society has an obsession. Some are modern while others ...

Director: Kenneth Cheong  
Actors: Jason Godfrey  
On Jack's Road (2012)

In 1951 - 60 years ago - Jack Kerouac wrote "On The Road". The novel tells the story of Jack Kerouac's travels across th...

Director: Hannes Rossacher   Simon Witter  
Actors: Philip Hodges   François Lang   Christian Serritiello  
On the Road with Bob Holman (2012)
Director: Ram Devineni  
On the Run (2012)
Director: William Z. Starr  
Actors: Karla Bruning  
OnCreativity (2012)

How do you define something that, by definition has no rules and won't easily be defined? That's exactly what Superfad s...

Director: Niko Courtelis  
Actors: Claw $   Chava Ben-Amos   Ken Butler  
Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta (2012)

"Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta" is the untold story of how the Vietnamese community overcame the odds and found their p...

Actors: Thanh Hoang   Tony Hoang   Hien Le  
One Born Every Minute (2012)
Director: David Brindley  
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