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Moda, Belleza y Color (1962)
Director: Carlos Gonzalez Groppa  
Actors: Carre Ileana   Sonia Passio   Claudia Sanchez  
On the Braden Beat (1962)
Actors: S.J. Perelman   Cheryl Gilham  
Op og ned ad gaden (1962)
Actors: Svend Pedersen  
Portrætskitse (1962)
Actors: Flemming Madsen  
Adventure (1961)
Actors: Richard Dimbleby  
Die Reporter der Windrose berichten (1961)
Actors: Dieter Franck   Dieter Franck   Hans Germani  
Going to Work (1961)
Actors: Peter West  
Hollywood Hist-o-Rama (1961)

An off screen narrator goes through the life and career of some of Hollywood's most famous figures, both those in front ...

Keep Fit with Eileen Fowler (1961)
Actors: Eileen Fowler  
Keyhole (1961)
Actors: Jack Douglas  
Points of View (1961)
Actors: Kenneth Robinson   Alan Titchmarsh   Angela Piper  
Radharc (1961)

A popular religious affairs documentary series. The name Radharc means view or vision, and the programme logo (the Radha...

Director: Dermod McCarthy   Liam O'Rinn  
Actors: Joseph Cassidy  
Rasthaus (1961)
Director: Thomas Lindner   Michael Schulz   Ralph Staudte   Frank Streller  
Survival (1961)
Director: Caroline Brett  
Actors: Kenneth More  
Treffpunkt New York (1961)
Director: Werner Baecker  
Umschau (1961)
Actors: Andreas Brückner  
World Zoos (1961)
Actors: James Fisher  
A Case for the Court (1960)
Actors: Gil Christy  
All Our Yesterdays (1960)
Actors: Bernard Braden   James Cameron   Brian Inglis  
Appointment With (1960)
Director: Douglas Hurn  
Actors: Jo Grimond   Arthur Miller   Malcolm Muggeridge  
Chefs-d'oeuvre en péril (1960)
Director: Nancy Galland  
Club 6 (1960)
Actors: Tommy Ambrose   Mike Darrow   Bob Willson  
Eyewitness to History (1960)
Actors: Charles Kuralt  
It Happened in Hollywood (1960)
Director: Ralph Staub  
Linea Verde (1960)
Director: Carlo Raspollini  
Q.E.D. (1960)
Actors: Abraham Feinberg   Marcus Long   Joe McCulley  
The Artist Speaks (1960)
Director: John Read  
Actors: Michael Ayrton  
The Nature of Things (1960)
Director: Jeff Turner   Susan Turner   Caroline Underwood  
Actors: Donald Crowdis   Patterson Hume   Donald Ivey  
Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years (1960)
Director: Anthony Bushell   John Schlesinger  
Zwischen Spessart und Karwendel (1960)
Actors: Robert Fuchs   Florian Schrei   Fritz Zeilinger  
Armstrong by Request (1959)

Hosted by Douglas Edwards, this drama anthology was made up of selected episodes from the 1958-1959 season of "Armstrong...

Actors: Douglas Edwards   Douglas Edwards  
Australian Walkabout (1959)
Director: Charles Chauvel   Elsa Chauvel  
Actors: Charles Chauvel   Alan Sleath   Elsa Chauvel  
Hjemme hos (1959)
Actors: Karl Bjarnhof  
Jazz-bio (1959)
Actors: Børge Roger-Henrichsen  
John Gunther's High Road (1959)

John Gunther, who had traveled to many areas of the world, hosted this program that showed two filmed trips to exotic lo...

Actors: John Gunther  
Portræt af en kunstner (1959)
Actors: Karl Bjarnhof  
British Art and Artists (1958)
Director: John Read  
Does Class Matter? (1958)
Actors: Christopher Mayhew   Dennis Potter  
Expedition ins Unbekannte (1958)
Director: Hans Hass  
Actors: Hans Hass  
High Road to Danger (1958)
Actors: Steve Brodie  
Internationalt landbrugsmagasin (1958)
Actors: Poul Jørgensen  
Mit problem er - ? (1958)
Actors: Mette Fog Petersen   Dons Christensen   Johannes Rosendahl  
The March of Medicine (1958)
Director: Ib Melchior  
Actors: Ben Grauer   Eric Sevareid  
Adventure in Industry (1957)
Actors: Aidan Crawley  
Farming (1957)
Director: David Martin  
Actors: W.P. Blount   John Cherrington  
First Hand (1957)
Actors: Peter West  
Hessenschau (1957)
Director: Horst Jaedicke  
Actors: Sascha Hingst   Holger Weinert   Constanze Angermann  
Living in the Commonwealth (1957)
Actors: Lorraine Abeysekera  
Meeting Point (1957)
Actors: Hugh Bishop   Christopher Mayhew   C.C. Pande  
On Safari (1957)
Actors: Armand Denis   Michaela Denis  
Out of Step (1957)
Director: Geoffrey Hughes  
Actors: Daniel Farson  
Railway Roundabout (1957)
Actors: Bill Hartley  
Science and the Weather (1957)
Actors: B.J. Mason   Philip McAllen  
The N.R.M.A Show (1957)
Actors: Bruce Beeby  
Tonight (1957)
Actors: Magnus Magnusson   Ned Sherrin   Dilys Laye  
Air Power (1956)

Produced shortly after the fiftieth anniversary of powered flight, this documentary series, hosted by veteran news ancho...

Alt om dyr (1956)
Actors: Ingvald Lieberkind  
Amharc Eireann Newsreel (1956)
Actors: Padraig O'Raghallaigh  
Men in Battle (1956)
Actors: Brian Horrocks   Huw Wheldon  
Night Beat (1956)
Actors: Mike Wallace  
Out of Darkness (1956)
Director: Al Wasserman  
Actors: Orson Welles  
The Borneo Story (1956)
Actors: Hugh Gibb   Tom Harrisson   James McCloy  
The Lost World of the Kalahari (1956)
Actors: Laurens Van der Post  
Trooping the Colour (1956)

Each year, with almost no exceptions, the British Sovereign (King or, as presently, reigning Queen) celebrates His/Her '...

Actors: Queen Elizabeth II  
Zoo Time (1956)
Actors: Desmond Morris  
Around the World with Orson Welles (1955)

In 1955, Orson Welles directed and hosted a mini series for British television. He leads us through a few famous places ...

Look (1955)
Actors: David Attenborough   Philippa Scott  
Music 55 (1955)
Actors: Stan Kenton  
Points of View (1955)
Actors: Leslie Mitchell  
This Is Your Life (1955)
Director: Margery Baker   David Clark   Michael Kent   Brian Klein   Paul Stewart Laing   Royston Mayoh   Malcolm Morris  
Actors: Eamonn Andrews  
Tomorrow (1955)
Actors: Lynn Poole  
Uncommon Valor (1955)
Actors: Dan Riss   Holland M. Smith  
Wer fragt gewinnt (1955)
Actors: Hans Rosenthal  
Wide Wide World (1955)

Using 40 cameras and 12 mobile vans, this live Sunday afternoon programme broadcast events in North America, the Caribbe...

Willi Schwabes Rumpelkammer (1955)
Actors: Willi Schwabe  
A Is for Aardvark (1954)
Actors: Andrew Allan   Lister Sinclair  
Die Abendschau (1954)
Actors: Peter Althammer   Ekkehard Mayr-Bülow   Fritz Zeilinger  
Filming Wild Animals (1954)
Actors: Armand Denis   Michaela Denis  
Let's Go to the Museum (1954)
Actors: Robert MacNeil  
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