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Bankrånet (2013)
Director: Gustav Öhman Spjuth  
Actors: Derek Cespedés Bacrientos   Marcus Waldemarsson   Sara Askelöf  
Banshee Origins: Carrie and Deva (2013)
Director: Greg Yaitanes  
Actors: Ivana Milicevic   Ryann Shane  
Banshee Origins: Carrie at the Gate (2013)
Director: Greg Yaitanes  
Actors: Rus Blackwell   Ivana Milicevic  
Banshee Origins: Checking In (2013)
Director: Greg Yaitanes  
Actors: Hoon Lee   Antony Starr  
Banshee Origins: Kings and Pawns (2013)
Director: Greg Yaitanes  
Actors: Ben Cross   Christos Vasilopoulos  
Banshee Origins: Olek Drops a Dime (2013)
Director: Greg Yaitanes  
Actors: Joseph Gatt   Christos Vasilopoulos  
Banshee Origins: Passed Over (2013)
Director: Greg Yaitanes  
Actors: Daniel Ross Owens   Matt Servitto  
Banshee Origins: Siobhan Interrupted (2013)
Actors: Demetrius Grosse   Trieste Kelly Dunn  
Banshee Origins: Sugar's Release (2013)
Director: Greg Yaitanes  
Actors: Frankie Faison   Ulrich Thomsen  
Banshee Origins: The Forge (2013)
Director: Greg Yaitanes  
Actors: Frankie Faison   Ulrich Thomsen  
Banshee Origins: The Real Lucas Hood (2013)
Director: Greg Yaitanes  
Actors: Frankie Faison   Griff Furst  
Banshee Origins: The Women (2013)
Director: Greg Yaitanes  
Actors: Trieste Kelly Dunn   Lili Simmons  
Banshee (2013)

Lucas Hood (Antony Starr), an ex-con and master thief assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff where he continues his ...

Basketball (2013)

Drama series is set within the turbulent period between the Japanese colonial era and the division of Korea into North a...

Director: Jung-Hwan Kwak  
Actors: Ji-han Do   Elliya Lee   Dong Hyun Jung  
Bayou City (2013)

Bayou City stars Januell Carroll as Chase, an established entrepreneur who's life is turning due to addiction, along wit...

Director: Eric Harvey  
Actors: Januell Carroll   Tomas Pradia   Donald Rose  
Beauty Queen Murders (2013)

Beauty pageants are the stuff of dreams for so many girls who fantasize about being a princess for the day. For these be...

Actors: Dean England  
Before the Dark (2013)

Immortal warriors called the Carpathians, vampire hunters, suspect a vampire is hiding his kills in the carnage that is ...

Director: Sheila Clover English  
Being Mary Jane (2013)
Actors: Miller Carbon   Allen Daniel   Whit Davies  
Beit HaMishalot (2013)
Director: Haim Bouzaglo  
Belmonte (2013)
Actors: Vasco Graça   Cláudia Barbosa  
Bem-Vindos a Beirais (2013)
Actors: Susana Mendes  
Bennington Gothique (2013)
Director: Gregory Connor  
Actors: Nick Baker   Alexander Chance   Joshua Cherof  
Better Man (2013)

Exactly how much risk would you take to save your brother? For Van Nguyen the answer was whatever it takes and the devas...

Bilet na dvoih (2013)
Director: Vladimir Balkashinov  
Actors: Dmitriy Shcherbina   Marina Konyashkina  
Bimil (2013)

A devoted woman makes the ultimate sacrifice for her boyfriend, only to learn that love doesn't always conquer all. Yoo ...

Actors: Jeong-eum Hwang   Seong Ji   Soo-bin Bae  
Bingit (2013)
Director: Cesar Cosme   Rico Gutierrez   Lemuel Lorca  
Actors: Mark Herras   Vaness del Moral   Alden Richards  
Binoy Henyo (2013)
Director: Albert Langitan  
Actors: David Remo   Sheena Halili   Luis Alandy  
Bir Ask Hikayesi (2013)
Director: Baris Yös  
Actors: Seçkin Özdemir   Damla Sönmez   Yamaç Telli  
Bite Night (2013)
Director: Magee Clegg  
Actors: Keisuke Akizawa   Sam Bader   Deborah Berman  
Black Boots (2013)

Brooks University freshman Grant Boyer is fascinated with joining a certain fraternity on his campus. But will the toll ...

Actors: Derek Green   Leonard Harmon   Ritz Williams  
Blake's 7 (2013)
Director: Martin Campbell  
Blessed Be (2013)
Director: Seng Varipath  
Actors: Amanda Rodriguez   Jessica Camella   Caitlin O'Neill  
Blink the Series (2013)
Director: Glenn Conroy   Malachi Rempen  
Actors: Vanessa Locke   Jon Amar   Christine Utterberg  
Blood (2013)

Rex Maganti was a regular teenage boy that loved mythical, unreal creatures. But, little did he know that ...

Bottle Service (2013)
Director: Juan Luis Lopez Fons  
Actors: Jason Maradik   Kevin Craig West   Natalie Bain  
Boxes (2013)
Director: Olivia Martynchenko  
Actors: Chad Kim   Michelle Duncan  
Boy Culture TV (2013)
Director: Q. Allan Brocka  
Actors: Patrick Bauchau   Derek Magyar   Darryl Stephens  
Boyei Gyalo (2013)
Director: Swarnendu Samaddar  
Actors: Paran Banerjee   Pijush Ganguly   Manu Mukherjee  
Broken Necklace (2013)
Director: Mark Mos  
Actors: Jake DeMarco   Tony Grant   Dan Marshall  
Broken Wings (2013)
Director: Raymond Mamrak  
Brotherhood of Silver (2013)

Twice decorated Sgt. Vincent Minette moves his family from New York to Rebus, New Jersey for a new detective job after h...

Brousko (2013)
Director: Andreas Georgiou   Stamos Tsamis  
Actors: Apostolis Totsikas   Eleni Vaitsou   Varvara Larmou  
Bukod Kang Pinagpala (2013)

Just like any other married guy, Leandro Alcuar longs for a child but, unfortunately, his wife Bessie, cannot give him o...

Director: Don Michael Perez  
Actors: Camille Prats   Jennica Garcia   Jackie Rice  
Bullied: A Series of Short Stories (2013)
Director: Timothy Levine   Montetré  
Actors: Madora Doremus  
Burial Goods (2013)
Actors: R. Dana Browne   Oliver Riera   Mark Roberts  
Busted Roots (2013)
Actors: Chad Meyer   Geta Grisez   Melinda Chilton  
Byvshaya zhena (2013)
Director: Darya Poltoratskaya  
Actors: Yuriy Baturin   Sasha Drobitko   Oleg Taktarov  
Cabin Hostage (2013)
Director: Christina Birdsall  
Actors: Elijah Hawk   AnnaLisa Erickson  
Called to Serve (2013)

Follow the realistic life of four Mormon missionaries as they attempt to preach the gospel with the sensibility of ninet...

Director: James Delhauer   Michael Van Orden  
Actors: Sean Burgos   Cort Carpenter   Tony D. Czech  
Caminos (2013)
Director: Natalia Peluso  
Actors: Ernesto Figueroa   Herman Gómez   Herman Gómez  
Capitol Sins - (2013)
Actors: Yanni Abraham   Erica Breig   Anthony Commodore  
Catch-30 (2013)

7 New York City friends are at a turning point in their lives, pushing the boundaries of their dreams, potential, and se...

Director: Adam Pagdon   Maria Riboli  
Actors: Stephen Cofield   Michael Patrick Lane   Tim Marriott  
Causality: The Webseries (2013)

When Holly Wells accidentally arrives in the present day from just five years in the future, Seattle's hidden community ...

Director: Ralph Fontaine  
Actors: Alexander Roan Andrews   Ben Andrews   Ralph Fontaine  
Charlie (2013)
Director: Frank Krom   Pieter van Rijn  
Actors: Ali Ben Horsting   Benja Bruijning   Nasrdin Dchar  
Chelsea's Way (2013)
Director: Henderson Maddox  
Actors: John D'Angelo   Shawn Kenneth   Ajiona Alexus  
Chhanchhan (2013)

'Chhanchhan' is a story of the beautiful and vivacious Chhanchhan who is by profession a dog trainer. She is a free-spir...

Actors: Sanaya Irani  
Choegoda Lee Soon-shin (2013)
Director: Yoon Sung-Shik   Seong-sik Yun  
Actors: Gang-won Choi   Yoon Da Hoon   Lee Ji Hoon  
Choices (2013)

A series based on 3 young woman who make tough choices that affect their friendship which ripples outward to others who ...

Director: Delia Ruffin  
Actors: Ronnie Baker   Tyrone Blassingame   Colton Braun  
Chuang Guandong Qian Zhuan (2013)
Director: Bin Wang  
Actors: Xiao Wei Yu   Yi Zhao   Irina Kaptelova  
Circle of 8 (2013)
Director: Bill Duke   James Fargo  
Click (2013)
Director: J.D. Chua   Li-Anne Huang  
Actors: Rajid Ahamed   Aidil Jufri Jumari   Irwin Tan  
Clique (2013)

Clique is an Australian teen drama series that follows the life of teenager Mackenzie Rodriquez and her 'clique' who are...

Actors: Alivia Austin  
Comando Elite (2013)
Actors: Salvador del Solar   Carolina Acevedo   Juan Sebastián Aragón  
Connie & Clyde (2013)
Director: Guy Goossens  
Conversations w/ My Ex (2013)
Director: Adam Fitzgerald  
Copa Hotel (2013)

COPA HOTEL tells the story of 33-year-old FREDERICO GONZALES (Miguel Thiré), a photographer from Rio who lived abroad f...

Director: Mauro Lima   Tomas Portella  
Actors: Miguel Thiré   Verônica Debom   Maria Ribeiro  
Corazón en Condominio (2013)
Director: Carlos Guerra   Rafael Gutiérrez  
Costa de Oro (2013)
Director: Roberto Villar  
Actors: Lionel Carvallo   Orlando Casín   Manuel Colmenares  
Cotto & Frullato (2013)
Actors: Dario Tamburro  
Cracked (2013)

After an embarrassing and public breakdown, Detective Aidan Black (David Sutcliffe) is reassigned from his beloved SWAT ...

Crazy Love (2013)
Director: Changhan Lee  
Actors: Min Choe   Dae-Hoon Choi   Dean Dawson  
Crime and Consequences (2013)

Into police shows? Crime and Consequences is an exciting and witty forthcoming web series from Old Country Productions L...

Director: Frank Bonner  
Actors: Frank Bonner   Dick DeCoit   Brian Gross  
Crisis (2013)

Centers on an idealistic Secret Service agent who finds himself at the center of an international crisis on his first da...

Actors: Steve Stafford  
Cruel Palace: War of Flowers (2013)

A cruel story that depicts the battles between concubines within the royal palace who turn to the dark side in their bid...

Director: Jong-chan No  
Actors: Hyun-joo Kim   Deok-hwa Lee   Seon-mi Song  
Cry for Me (2013)
Director: John Lindquist  
Ctrl.Alt.Del (2013)

CTRL.ALT.DEL is a dark comedy that follows Carson (Gabrielle Christian), a free-spirited girl in her late-twenties who l...

Da Vinci's Demons (2013)

Written by 'David S. Goyer' (qv), the series follows the "untold" story of Leonardo Da Vinci: the genius during his earl...

Darvoto na jivota (2013)
Actors: Yosif Sarchadzhiev   Maria Kavardjikova   Yavor Milushev  
Dasha (2013)
Director: Anton Azarov  
Actors: Andrey Barilo   Artyom Fadeev   Aleksandr Tyutin  
Dating Agency: Cyrano (2013)
Director: Kyung-Hoon Kang  
Davestation (2013)
Director: Tom Williams  
Actors: Billy Wright   Catrin Keeler  
De Blauwe Bank (2013)
Director: Tim Satony  
De Man Met De Hamer (2013)
Actors: Jeroen Krabbé   Martijn Krabbé   Michiel Nooter  
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