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Vampiros: A Saga da Morte (2011)
Director: Rodrigo Dorta  
Actors: Rodrigo Dorta   Felipe Freitas   Fernando Rossi  
Walking in Circles (2011)

Walking In Circles is a fantasy/comedy web series that follows a band of (almost) heroic adventurers led by the Barbaria...

Actors: Alex Hooper   James Rodehaver   Ramon Rodehaver  
Ángel o demonio (2011)
Actors: Joan Marí  
A God Named Pablo (2010)

Jake James is your regular Angelino from Ohio, full of big ideas and big frustrations, until a date with his dream girl ...

Actors: Scott Hartman   Laurie Scott  
Aha! (2010)
Director: Jeffrey Mejia  
Actors: Drew Arellano   Boobay   Albert Sumaya Jr.  
Baka to tesuto to shoukanjuu (2010)
Director: Shin Onuma  
Crónicas Drakonianas (2010)
Actors: Guillem Fernàndez-Valls  
Dansu in za vanpaia bando (2010)
Director: Naoyuki Tatsuwa  
Actors: Jôji Nakata   Shizuka Ito   Chiwa Saito  
De 5e boog (2010)

White witch Cara finds, trough her buzzard, four of the five youngsters born on the same day as descendants of their pre...

Director: Erwin Adriaanssens   Erwin Adriaenssens  
De Bende van Sjako (2010)
Actors: Christine van Stralen  
Dead Gorgeous (2010)

After 150 years, the deceased sisters Hazel, Rebbecca and Sophie return to their 19th century home, which has been turne...

Destino Imortal (2010)
Director: António Borges Correia  
Actors: Pedro Barroso   Simão Biernat   Wagner Borges  
Dragons et princesses (2010)
Actors: Michel Elias   Olivier Claverie   Michel Ocelot  
Dream 1 Weird Wedding (2010)
Director: Ella Eranthis  
Actors: Ella Eranthis  
Eden Lost (2010)
Director: Phoenix Tremayne  
Actors: Ryan Braxton   Kelvin Drama   Marshall Ever  
El Dorado (2010)
Actors: Daniel Marin  
Fei nui ching cheun (2010)
Actors: Ada Choi   Ada Choi   Moses Chan  
Feroz (2010)

Soledad is a teacher with three sons: Leo, Damián and Benjamin. After 20 years Soledad meets Guillermo Bernard- her gre...

Director: Roberto Rebolledo  
Grazilda (2010)
Director: Ricky Davao   Dominic Zapata  
Actors: Glaiza de Castro   Geoff Eigenmann  
Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child (2010)

The legendary gumiho or nine-tailed fox, Goo San Daek, leaves her husband after his betrayal renders her unable to shape...

Actors: Eun-jeong Han   Hyeong-seong Jang   Yoo-Jeong Kim  
Haven (2010)

A shrewd FBI agent with a lost past who arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine, to solve the murder of a local ex-con...

Director: T.W. Peacocke  
Ichiban ushiro no daimaou (2010)
Director: Takashi Watanabe  
Actors: Takashi Kondô   Tsubasa Yonaga   Yôko Hikasa  
Ilumina (2010)
Director: Topel Lee   Mark A. Reyes  
Actors: Rhian Ramos   Aljur Abrenica   Jackie Rice  
Imortal (2010)

300 years ago, a group of powerful clan came to this island. They were known as vampires or blood drinkers. They quickly...

JourneyQuest (2010)

Following a group of dysfunctional adventurers on a quest to discover and destroy the mythical Sword of Fighting, JOURNE...

Kaitangata Twitch (2010)

It's fifty years since Shelly Gentry disappeared and 50 is one of those numbers that seem to mean something. People cele...

Director: Yvonne Mackay  
Actors: Francis Dale   Brenan Davies   George Henare  
Kaya ng powers (2010)
Director: Uro Q. dela Cruz  
Actors: Joey Marquez   Rufa Mae Quinto   Rhian Ramos  
Kodai shôjo-tai Dogûn V (2010)
Director: Tsuyoshi Kazuno   Ryûta Miyake   Takuma Tosaka   Keisuke Toyoshima  
Actors: Yûko Itô   Megumi Kagurazaka   Mika Momose  
Lost Girl (2010)

Lost Girl focuses on the gorgeous and charismatic Bo, a supernatural being called a succubus who feeds on the energy of ...

Lua Vermelha (2010)
Director: Sérgio Graciano   Manuel Pureza   Hugo Xavier  
Actors: Dânia Neto  
Lucidity Web Saga (2010)

Lucidity is a new world of web series that not only takes place in the astral dream world, but encourages the viewers to...

Mayoi neko overrun! (2010)
Director: Michio Fukuda   Takashi Ikehata   Rion Kujo   Keizô Kusakawa   Manabu Ono   Jun'ichi Satô   Takuya Satô   Kenichi Yatani  
Actors: Junji Majima   Nobuhiko Okamoto   Hiroyuki Yoshino  
Mind's Eye the Series (2010)

Illia Fairchild is twelve-and-a-half years old. He likes to draw, build forts and is incredibly nervous around girls. Bu...

Actors: Melanie McAllister  
Minutos Mágicos (2010)

Whenever one performs a magic trick, there is one thing that's worth a thousand words: people's reactions. Real magic is...

Momay (2010)

Miley, also known by her family as Momay, was the daughter of the owners of a carnival named "La Vida Funland". Her fath...

Director: Manny Palo   Darnel Villaflor  
Actors: Xyriel Manabat   Ejay Falcon   Lito Pimentel  
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010)

In the land of Equestria, a precocious but introverted bookworm named Twilight Sparkle is the personal protégé of its ...

Nae Yeojachinguneun Gumiho (2010)

Cha Dae-woong (Lee Seung Gi) accidentally releases a troublesome gumiho, a legendary fox with nine tails, sealed inside ...

Obscura (2010)
Director: Christian Cagigal   H.P. Mendoza  
Actors: Christian Cagigal  
Omamori Himari (2010)
Director: Shinji Ushiro  
Actors: Daisuke Hirakawa   Ami Koshimizu   Iori Nomizu  
Ookamisan to shichinin no nakamatachi (2010)
Director: Yoshiaki Iwasaki  
Actors: Miyu Irino   Hiroshi Nojima   Yui Horie  
Optical Illusions (2010)
Director: Greg Costa  
Panday Kids (2010)
Director: Michael Tuviera  
Actors: Robert Villar   Julian Trono   Sabrina Man  
Pidol's Wonderland (2010)

Mang Pidol, an antique shop owner, tells his family the story of twin brothers--one extremely dark and homely named Cald...

Director: Eric Quizon  
Actors: Beau Ballinger   Dolphy   Mar Lopez  
Pilyang kerubin (2010)
Director: Andoy Ranay   Dominic Zapata  
Actors: Barbie Forteza   Joshua Dionisio   Elmo Magalona  
Planet Sheen (2010)

Sheen Estevez reads a warning by his friend Jimmy Neutron that he shouldnt press the button on his ship but he basically...

Director: Michael Condro   Mike Gasaway   Ken Mitchroney   Tom Morgan  
Actors: Jeffrey Garcia  
Rosalka (2010)

The story revolves around a young lady named Rosalka, judged and shunned by the public because of her "horrible" disabil...

Director: Rechie del Carmen   Jeffrey Jeturian  
Actors: Empress Schuck   Felix Roco   Matt Evans  
Seikimatsu okaruto gakuin (2010)

The story revolves around Maya, the daughter of the former headmaster of a private Japanese academy dedicated to the stu...

Director: Tomohiko Ito  
Actors: Takehito Koyasu   Takahiro Mizushima   Hiroki Takahashi  
Seven (2010)
Actors: Naveen Kaushik   Himmanshoo A. Malhotra   Meherzan Mazda  
Sikeurit Gadeun (2010)

Kim Joo Won (Bin Hyon)is the dream of every woman: he is young, rich, handsome, well-educated and he is the C.E.O of a b...

Director: Woo-Cheol Shin  
Actors: Sang-Hyun Yoon   Sa-rang Kim   In-Na Yoo  
Siti Enectus (2010)
Director: Jesus Rabasco  
Actors: Ruben Hinojosa   Mónica Gordo   Mónica Lopez  
Suck and Moan (2010)

The world is being over-run by zombies, and the vampires are getting mad that their human food source is being depleted....

Actors: Mike Kessler  
The Fades (2010)

A teenage boy named Paul is haunted by apocalyptic dreams that nobody can explain. As if that weren't terrifying enough,...

Actors: Adam Brashaw   Jason Catlin   Ray Donn  
The Gates (2010)
Actors: Quay Parton  
The Last Hand (2010)
Director: Charles DeRosa  
To aru majutsu no Indekkesu II (2010)

Index is still a fugitive and many powerful Magical organizations and individuals want to take her to use the books in h...

Actors: Atsushi Abe   Yuka Iguchi   Rina Satou  
Tower Prep (2010)

Ian is a rebellious teenager who had recently been suspended from his school. Shortly thereafter, he wakes in a mysterio...

Actors: Miles Chalmers   Jesse Haddock  
Tuman (2010)

Present time. A squad of young soldiers of the Russian army during the march-throw splits from the main group. In order ...

Director: Artem Aksenenko   Ivan Shurkhovetskiy  
Actors: Rodion Galyuchenko   Ilya Glinnikov   Alexey Ilyin  
Unnatural History (2010)
Actors: Scott Yaphe  
Which Die Is That Again? (2010)
Actors: Sonny Burnette   Meagan Blasch  
Wingin' It (2010)

Reckless angel-in-training Porter has been sent to Earth to earn his wings in this teen comedy. His task? To transform h...

Xi you ji (2010)
Director: Li-dong Cheng  
Actors: Zhen-xiang Fei   Victor Chen   Ning Xie  
11eyes (2009)
Director: Masami Shimoda  
Bakemonogatari (2009)

Follows the adventures of Koyomi Araragi, a former vampire. One day, a classmate named Hitagi Senjougahara, a loner, fal...

Banana vs Gorilla (2009)
Director: Michael E. Fromm   Doug Seidel  
Being Erica (2009)

"Therapist" Dr. Tom - who is constantly spouting famous and not so famous historical quotes - is Erica Strange's savior ...

Casper's Scare School (2009)
Director: Eric Bastier  
Actors: Vanessa Bellardini  
Children of Herne (2009)

Caitlin (Megan Cooper) is a wild thirteen year old, who has ruled the house since the mysterious death of her mother a d...

Director: Conor McCormack  
Actors: Megan Cooper   Sam Ashcroft   Liam Kearns  
Darna (2009)
Actors: Joy Folloso  
Doruâga no tô: The sword of Uruk (2009)
Actors: Hozumi Gôda   Kenn   Takahiro Sakurai  
Fairy Tail (2009)

Lucy, a 17 year old girl, sets out on journey to become a full-fledged wizard and joins the strongest and most(in)famous...

Feng shen bang 2 (2009)

The story takes place during the 3 ancient dynasties period. The 3 ancient dynasties are the Xia, Shang and the Zhou dyn...

Director: Min Yu  
Actors: Ruby Lin   Weide Huang   Te-Kai Liu  
Flash Bomba (2009)

Roldan Legazpi lived a comfortable life with his wealthy parents until a tragic encounter with a tikbalang left him unab...

Director: Dondon S. Santos  
Actors: Shaina Magdayao   Shaina Magdayao   Roxanne Guinoo  
Guin sâga (2009)
Director: Atsushi Wakabayashi  
Actors: Ken'yû Horiuchi   Tsubasa Yonaga   Mai Nakahara  
Hatsuya (2009)
Actors: Lake Rodberg  
Juerupetto (2009)
Director: Nanako Sasaki  
Actors: Jun Fukuyama   Hidenobu Kiuchi   Akina  
Kambal sa uma (2009)

Kambal Sa Uma tells the story of Ella and Vira, twin sisters who have some of the physical features of a rodent. When sh...

Actors: Shaina Magdayao   Shaina Magdayao   Melissa Ricks  
Kemono no Souja Erin (2009)
Director: Takayuki Hamana  
Actors: Akira Ishida   Nanase Hoshii  
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