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Jôô (2005)
Actors: Yûsuke Kamiji   Noboru Kaneko   Sora Aoi  
J1 Summer in the Sun (2008)
Director: Jonathan Levy  
Actors: Darren Lyons   Sorcha Furlong   Gemma McDonnell  
Jaan-e-Alaam (1986)
Director: Muzaffar Ali  
Actors: Muzaffar Ali   Zarina Wahab  
Jaane Kahan Mera Jigar Gaya Ji (1997)
Director: Prochi Bhatia  
Actors: Amit Behl   Irrfan Khan   Prashant Narayanan  
Jaane Pehchaane Se Yeh Ajnabi (2009)

A story about a beautiful twenty-one year old girl Ayesha. Her life is changed after a fatal car accident, she loses her...

Director: Kamal Monga  
Actors: Rahul Pendkalkar   Sidharth Shukla   Rocky Verma  
Jabaloe (2012)
Director: Bart van Leemputten  
Jabberwocky (1974)
Actors: Robert Prosky   Tucker Smallwood   Joanne Sopko  
Jabhook (2010)
Actors: Mona Lisa Bünhove  
Ja, Boss! (2012)
Director: Pavels Gumennikovs  
Actors: Vitalijs Bogdanovs   Maksims Busels   Arvis Cirulis  
Jachebalkwang Geunyeo (2012)
Director: Jung-pyo Lee  
Actors: Geon-woo Bae   Young-in Chae   Myung-hwan Go  
Jacinta Pichimauida, la maestra que no se olvida (1974)
Director: Juan David Elicetche  
Actors: María de los Ángeles Medrano  
Jack (1975)
Actors: Evelyne Séléna   Paula Dehelly   Paulette Dubost  
Jack (2011)
Director: Steve Majaury  
Jackal and Hide (1987)
Director: Terry Bourke  
Actors: Norman Yemm   Reg Gorman   Harry Michaels  
Jack and Jeremy's Real Lives (1996)
Director: John Stroud  
Actors: Jack Dee   Jeremy Hardy   Ben Keaton  
Jack and Mike (1986)

The stories revolve around Jackie, a newspaper columnist for a Chicago newspaper, and Mike, a restaurant owner, live a f...

Director: Gus Trikonis  
Jackanory (1965)
Director: Pauline Carter   Susan Falck-Therkelson   Janie Griffiths   Brian Hawkins   Richard Kelly   Michael Kerrigan   Nel Romano   Joanna Symons  
Actors: Mark Kempner  
Jackanory Junior (2007)
Actors: Lenny Henry  
Jackass (2000)

A reality show about a group of stunt men & extreme sport enthusists with high thresholds of pain. Each show consists on...

Jackass: Homemade (2007)
Actors: Blake Bryant   Matthew Shiman  
Jack & Bobby (2004)

Faux documentary series from 2049 about Bobby McCallister, the US president elected eight years earlier, and his older b...

Jack Daniel's Toast to the Troops (2012)
Director: Chris Phoenix  
Actors: Kayla Collins   Jessica Hinton  
Jacked (2013)
Actors: Matt Kohler   James Kohler  
Jacked Up (2012)

Max Spencer and Brock Bailey find out that running a business can be a difficult task, especially when the business happ...

Jack el despertador (2002)
Director: Ivan Lalinde   Catalina Palomino  
Jack Ford: Courtside (2009)
Director: Vivienne Omura  
Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown (2011)
Director: Guy Nickerson  
Actors: Jack Hanna  
Jack Holborn (1982)

Jack Holborn is 13-year-old orphan in the 1800's that wants to get a job on a sailship to avoid foster homes. He is hire...

Jack Horkheimer: Star Hustler (1976)
Director: Cassie Allen  
Actors: Jack Horkheimer  
Jackie Chan Adventures (2000)

Jackie Chan, an amateur archelogist, would prefer to quietly do his work for the local university, but fate has dealt an...

Jackie Collins Presents (2004)
Actors: Jackie Collins  
Jackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine (1962)
Actors: Jack Lescoulie   Trudy Carson   Mercedes Ellington  
Jackie's School of Dance (2008)
Director: Steve Diguer  
Actors: Jackie English  
Jackie's the Boy (2010)
Director: Michael Beattie  
Actors: Jackie Fullerton  
Jack in a Box (2009)

Jack was a mild-mannered young man with a BFA in acting and no life skills. He took a job at a theater box office becaus...

Jack & Jill (1999)

This sitcom in named after two of the six main characters, each with a name rather suggesting the other gender: Jaquelin...

Director: Stephen Cragg   Mel Damski   Dennie Gordon   Bruce Seth Green   Michael Katleman   Alan Myerson   Patrick R. Norris   Bethany Rooney   Lev L. Spiro   Kristoffer Tabori   John Whitesell  
Actors: Curt Foy  
Jack Johnson (2013)
Director: Ken Burns  
Jack Leonard (1949)
Actors: Jack Leonard  
Jack of All Tastes (2013)

Jack of All Tastes stars, television personality, Jackie Long. She's cute, she's spunky, she loves her sports and she ha...

Director: Rocky Wyler  
Actors: Jackie Laurien Long  
Jack of All Trades (2000)

American spy/adventurer Jack Stiles is sent by Thomas Jefferson to the tiny South Pacific island of Polau Polau to work ...

Jack of Hearts (1999)
Actors: Keith Allen   Andrew Sachs   Miranda Llewellyn-Jenkins  
Jack on the Box (1979)
Director: Pat Ingram  
Actors: Jack Trevor Story   Michelle Newell   Darren Higgs  
Jacko's Wild Ride (2012)
Director: Glenn Miller  
Actors: Angela Landis   Tom Konkle   Peter Pasco  
Jackpot (1985)
Actors: Mike Darrow   Ken Ryan   Nipsey Russell  
Jackpot (1974)

"Jackpot" featured 16 contestants attempting to solve riddles and become the "King of the Hill" and share in a potential...

Director: Mike Gargiulo  
Actors: Geoff Edwards   Don Pardo   Wayne Howell  
Jackpot (1989)
Director: Bruce Burmester  
Actors: Geoff Edwards   Johnny Gilbert   John Harlan  
Jackpot Diaries (2006)
Director: Barbara Carratala Bonds  
Jackpot sto stoihima (2007)
Actors: Panormitis Konstadinidis   Nikos Syrigos  
Jacks and Knaves (1961)
Actors: Leonard Williams   Philip Stone  
Jackson and Jill (1949)
Actors: Todd Karns   Helen Chapman  
Jackson Pace: The Great Years (1990)
Director: Alistair Clarke  
Actors: Keith Allen   Daniel Peacock   Hugh Paddick  
Jackson's Wharf (1999)
Director: Angela Bloomfield   Murray Keane  
Actors: Peter Hammill   Nathaniel Lees   Emmeline Hawthorne  
Jack's Place (1992)

Jack Evans, a former jazz musician, opens a restaurant where Chelsea is the waitress and Greg is the bartender. Romance ...

Actors: Shawn Weatherly  
Jack the Ripper (1973)
Actors: Hugo De Vernier   Christopher Fenwick   Chris Gannon  
Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story (2011)

Taking you back to 1888, this extraordinary two-part special goes back to basics, dispelling the myths and misconception...

Actors: Simon Brandon   Peter Clements   Mel Mills  
Jack Van Impe (1994)
Actors: Rexella Van Impe   Jack Van Impe   Chuck Ohman  
Jack Van Impe Presents (1986)
Director: Tom Parasiliti  
Actors: Chuck Ohman   Jack Van Impe   Rexella Van Impe  
Jacob & hund (2002)
Director: Hans-Erik Saks  
Actors: Jacob Haugaard  
Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising (2006)
Actors: Jacob Miller   Joshua Miller  
Jacob og Lotte... (1995)
Actors: Jacob Haugaard   Lotte Heise  
Jacob's Cross (2007)
Director: Thabang Moleya   Catherine Stewart   Neal Sundstrom  
Actors: Hlomla Dandala   Fabian Lojede   Anthony Bishop  
Jacob's Ladder (2003)
Actors: Billy Engel  
Jacob Two-Two (2003)

Being the youngest and smallest of his large family, Jacob fell into the necessary habit of continually repeating himsel...

Jacobus en Corneel (1984)
Actors: Jappe Claes   Jos Kennis   Nolle Versyp  
Jacotte (1999)
Director: Marion Sarraut  
Jacques Cousteau's Ocean Tales (2003)
Director: Kisler  
Actors: Christophe Malavoy  
Jacques Pépin: Fast Food My Way (2004)
Director: Bruce Franchini  
Jaded Hope (2011)

Ever seen a commercial you just can't stand? Scream out loud at the stupidity every time it comes on? Wanted to see some...

Director: Alexander Goodlive  
Actors: Brian Beccia   Shane Charleson   Alexander Goodlive  
Jade's Salon (2005)
Director: Jill Worsley  
Jae-Dong (1997)
Director: Moon-seok Choi  
Actors: Nam-Gil Kang   Young-min Kim   Chong-ok Bae  
Jaffa's Big Picture Show (1999)
Actors: Geoff Houtman   Marcia Brereton   Theresa Healey  
JAG (1995)

Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr. and Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie are JAG lawyers, who together investigate and litigate...

Jagainu-kun (2004)
Director: Yutaka Kagawa  
Actors: Shinobu Adachi  
Jagerpiloterne (2002)
Director: Ulrik Jørgensen   Anders Møller-Nielsen  
Actors: Jesper Ranum  
Jagten på den røde tråd (1998)
Actors: Torben Steno   Marek Bican  
Jagten på gnisten (2009)
Actors: Joan Ørting  
Jagten på Gud (2000)
Actors: Palle Huld  
Jagten på historien (2001)
Director: Anton Gammelgaard   Anton Gammelgaard   Vagn Olsen   Vagn Olsen   Vagn Olsen   Janne Wibroe  
Actors: Claus Bjørn   Rolf Guttesen   Thorkild Kjærgaard  
Jagten på ørkenguldet (1998)
Actors: Peter Hansen   Gitte Schnell  
Jagten på sandheden (1999)
Actors: Timm Vladimir   Gordon Kennedy  
Jagten på verdens bedste sang (1998)
Actors: Michael Carøe  
Jaguar Alive (2012)
Director: Brian Neal  
Actors: Kevin Love  
Jaguar Yu (1992)
Director: Rodrigo Sepúlveda  
Actors: Coca Guazzini   Gonzalo Robles   Malucha Pinto  
Jahody na stéble trávy (1984)
Director: Otakar Kosek  
Actors: Nadezda Letenská   Evelyna Steimarová   Eva Jakoubková  
Jahrestage (2000)
Actors: Hanns Zischler   Jutta Wachowiak   Nina Hoger  
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