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Bee Keeper Bands (2011)

Bee Keeper was an independent record label from the late '90s, based in Lisbon, Portugal. Run by Elsa Pires, the label l...

Beethoven entdecken (2011)
Director: Christoph Engel   Anca-Monica Pandelea  
Actors: Joachim Kaiser   Christian Thielemann   Wiener Philharmoniker  
Blockstars - Sido macht Band (2011)
Actors: Julijana Jovanovic  
Canta Comigo (2011)
Actors: Rita Pereira  
CeeLo Green Talking to Strangers (2011)
Director: Jonathan K. Bendis  
Actors: CeeLo Green  
Chamber Music in the City (2011)
Director: Paul Drane   Chris Edwards   John Smith  
Chevrolet Top 20 Countdown (2011)
Director: Stephen Krajinovic  
Actors: Paul McGuire  
Der Ring der Nibelungen (2011)
Actors: Andrew Sritheran   Marion Ammann   Anne Ellersiek  
Deurim hai (2011)

Dream High tells the story of six students at Kirin Art High School who work to achieve their dreams of becoming music s...

Actors: Yoon-mi Lee   Won-kil Baek   Min-joo Jung  
Die grössten Schweizer Talente (2011)
Actors: DJ Bobo   Sven Epiney   Roman Kilchsperger  
Doc Jams (2011)

It's all about practice. The television series started from Doc Reo recordings of new song ideas, but transformed in an ...

Director: Mareo-Ahmir Lawson  
Actors: Mareo-Ahmir Lawson  
Don't Judge Me Judge the Music (2011)

"Don't Judge Me Judge The Music" is all about revealing a different side of music while placing emphasis on the diversit...

Director: Matt Willson  
Actors: Corey Benedict   August Hansen   Brashaad Mayweather  
Dos Acordes (2011)

Musician Kevin Johansen interviews his most renowned colleagues in Argentina. An intimate setting provides a safe place ...

Director: Nicolás Onna  
El Joe (2011)
Director: Herney Luna  
Electronic Spotlight (2011)
Actors: The Bixel Boys  
Estranha Forma de Vida (2011)
Director: Jaime Fernandes  
Eyal Golan Kore Lach (2011)
Actors: Eyal Golan  
Festival de Música SWU (2011)
Director: Luiz Gleiser  
Actors: The Black Eyed Peas   Snoop Dogg   Duran Duran  
Funk Flex Full Throttle (2011)
Director: Lee Harris  
Actors: Funkmaster Flex  
God's Greatest Hits (2011)
Director: Jason Charters   Liam Romalis  
Health with Ishah Wright (2011)
Actors: Mr. Davis   Mr. Davis   Johnathan McPhail  
I istoria tis Eurovision (2011)
Actors: Lefteris Kogalidis  
I'm the Singer (2011)
Director: Jung-su Shin  
Actors: Jeong-Yeob   Kwan-wu Jo   Bum-su Kim  
Ilkka Vainio 50 v (2011)
Director: Timo Suomi  
Actors: Mikko Kuustonen  
Indie Box (2011)
Director: Erin Ludlam   Todd Volkmer  
Intelligence with Ishah Wright (2011)
Director: Laurah Guillén  
Actors: Steven Hudson   Steven Hudson   Johnathan McPhail  
Knock & Rock (2011)
Director: Kalen Egan  
Kodály Method (2011)
Director: Bálint Szimler  
LA Exclusive TV (2011)

Is your source for a virtual celebrity lifestyle magazine featuring & exposing exclusive content of the hottest celebrit...

MP3as Magazine Musical (2011)
Director: Toze Santos  
Maestro (2011)
Director: Jacob Arent Jürs  
McCracken Live! (2011)

Tyler Hanson and his larger than life alter-ego, Carol Ann McCracken, struggle with new found success hosting a do-it-yo...

Mesogeios (2011)
Actors: Kostis Maraveyas  
Mi nombre es ... (2011)
Director: Alexis Zamora  
Modeling with Ishah Wright Produced in Full HD (2011)

Model 'Laurah Guillen' aka 'Ishah Wright' takes you on her modeling adventure with a celebrity photographer who once pho...

Director: Laurah Guillén  
Actors: Phil Collins   Bobby Goldsboro   G. Gordon Liddy  
My Name Is (2011)
Director: Petra Neukirchen  
Naked (2011)
Director: Paul McGuire   Joel Stewart  
Actors: Gary Allan   Gord Bamford   The Band Perry  
Non smettere di sognare (2011)

Non smettere di sognare tells the story of Giorgia, his dream of love and one of the dance. Georgia is 22 years old, liv...

O quintal do Jazz (2011)
Director: Pedro Sodre  
Off the Air (2011)

Episodes of this show consist of a montage of clips from short films, animations, music videos, stock and archive footag...

Orange Rockcorps at Wembley (2011)
Actors: Chipmunk   Diddy Dirty Money   Professor Green  
Pensado's Place (2011)

Top mixing engineer Dave Pensado talks all things music and audio in his weekly show, Pensado's Place. Dave gives you in...

Director: Will Thompson  
Actors: Zan Nakari  
Peter Punk (2011)
Director: José Luis Massa  
Actors: Juan Ciancio  
Pjevaj moju pjesmu (2011)
Director: Vesna Karuza Podgorelac   Miroslav Skoro   Tanja Tusek   Tihomir Zarn  
Pop Profiles (2011)
Actors: Usher Raymond   Justin Timberlake   Kanye West  
Professor Green Unseen (2011)
Director: Rufus Exton  
Actors: Professor Green  
Rock 'n' Roll High School 101 (2011)
Director: Robert W. Del Campo  
Actors: Greg McWhorter  
SLC - Salut les Copains (2011)

This fiction/documentary series tells the story in music and reenactments, the fabulous adventure of the mythic Salut le...

Director: Pascal Forneri  
Actors: Alexandre Attal   Kevin Gay   Barthélémy Guillemard  
Show Time (2011)
Actors: Tatsuya Ishii   Tatsuya Ishii   Jay Kabira  
Sing! Wenn Du kannst (2011)
Actors: Sonja Zietlow  
Son of a Gun (2011)
Director: Jaysen Accius  
Actors: Nick Cannon   Cory Gunz   Peter Gunz  
Sound Persuasion (2011)
Director: Steven Canatella   Dan Lambert   Chad Naremore  
Actors: Melissa Griffin  
Sounds from the Cities (2011)
Director: Dave Skinner  
Actors: Mathew Horne  
Stay Tuned (2011)
Director: Zoe Kennedy   Kylie McCarroll  
Actors: Joel Phillips   Nicole Singh  
Tabi no chikara (2011)
Actors: Tetta Sugimoto   Yû Aoi   Yuki Saitô  
Televiziunea Copiilor (TVR 1) (2011)
Director: Titus Munteanu  
Actors: Ana Maria Pacuraru  
The Adventures of Artie the Ant (2011)
Director: Darren Brereton  
The Attic Sessions (2011)
Director: Robert Livings   Tom Melchior  
Actors: Rayland Baxter   Keegan DeWitt   Jacob Jones  
The Band Project (2011)
Director: Alex Karmios  
Actors: Sakis Vlachakis  
The Dakota Sessions: Amos Lee (2011)
Director: Joel Stewart  
The Dakota Sessions: Fred Eaglesmith (2011)
Director: Joel Stewart  
Actors: Fred Eaglesmith  
The Dakota Sessions: NQ Arbuckle (2011)
Director: Joel Stewart  
Actors: Nq Arbuckle  
The Dakota Sessions: Oh Susanna (2011)
Director: Joel Stewart  
Actors: Oh Susanna  
The Dakota Sessions: Russell DeCarle (2011)
Director: Joel Stewart  
Actors: Russell DeCarle  
The Dakota Sessions: Teddy Thompson (2011)
Director: Joel Stewart  
Actors: Teddy Thompson  
The Dakota Sessions: The Civil Wars (2011)
Director: Joel Stewart  
Actors: The Civil Wars  
The Great Escape Festival 2011 (2011)
Director: Ben Hall  
Actors: Michael Attree  
The Idolm@ster (2011)
Director: Takahiro Harada   Takashi Igari   Yûki Itô   Ryuichi Kimura   Ayumu Kotake   Takahiro Majima   Ryoji Masuyama   Atsushi Nishigori   Yuka Shibata   Kentarô Suzuki   Masanori Takahashi   Noriko Takao   Daisuke Takashima   Shigeyasu Yamauchi   Akitoshi Yokoyama  
The Independent Session (2011)

The cornerstone of the shows is the live performances from three or four bands each month. In an era where most music TV...

Director: Ivan Wood  
Actors: Steve Diggle   Alan McGee   Tony Platt  
The Jo Whiley Music Show (2011)
Director: Paul Dugdale  
Actors: Jo Whiley  
The Judds (2011)

For the first time on television, Judds fans and OWN viewers enter the private and public lives of country music icons, ...

The Kustomonsters and Friends (2011)

Episode #1 Hot Rod hipster puppet Mummy DaddyO presents cartoons, music and comedy on The Kustomonsters and Friends show...

Director: Craig Clark  
Actors: Craig Clark  
The McClymonts (2011)
Director: Myles Conti  
Actors: Brooke McClymont   Mollie McClymont   Sam McClymont  
The Singer Songwriter Series (2011)

The Singer Songwriter Series showcases unsigned and emerging artists performing their own music in front of a live studi...

Director: Antony Hulme  
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