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Rendezvous with Music (1950)
Actors: Don Gallagher   Carol Reed  
Rhythm Rodeo (1950)
Actors: Arthur Jarrett   Paula Wray  
Sing It Again (1950)
Actors: Jan Murray   Jan Murray   Alan Dale  
Stairway to Stardom (1950)
Actors: Bill Cook  
Star Time (1950)
Actors: Frances Langford   Benny Goodman  
Starlit Time (1950)
Actors: Cy Coleman   Gordon Dilworth   Allen Prescott  
Susan Raye (1950)
Actors: Susan Raye  
Talent Parade (1950)
Actors: Warren Hull  
The Arthur Murray Party (1950)

Ballroom dancing, plus comedy, songs and dance contests on one of the few programs to air over all four major commercial...

Director: Edward J. Nugent  
The Carolyn Gilbert Show (1950)
Actors: Don Tennant   Carolyn Gilbert  
The Diane Doxee Show (1950)
Actors: Diane Doxee  
The Frank Sinatra Show (1950)
Actors: Ben Blue   Sid Fields   Pat Gaye  
The Hazel Scott Show (1950)
Actors: Hazel Scott  
The Joan Edwards Show (1950)
Actors: Joan Edwards  
The Ken Murray Show (1950)
Director: Frank Satenstein  
Actors: Joe Besser   Johnny Johnston   Jack Mulhall  
The Most Important People (1950)
Actors: Jimmy Carroll   Rita Carroll  
The Peter Lind Hayes Show (1950)
Actors: Joe Bushkin   Peter Lind Hayes   Claude Stroud  
The Pinky Lee Show (1950)
Actors: Pinky Lee  
The Ransom Sherman Show (1950)
Actors: Ransom M. Sherman  
The Sammy Kaye Show (1950)
Actors: Sammy Kaye  
The Vaughn Monroe Show (1950)
Actors: Vaughn Monroe   Shaye Cogan   Ziggie Talent  
Three's Company (1950)
Actors: Stan Freeman   Cy Walter   Judy Lynn  
Toni Twin Time (1950)
Actors: Ray Bloch   Ardelle Terry   Arlene Terry  
Windy City Jamboree (1950)
Actors: Gloria Van   Julian Stockdale  
Your Hit Parade (1950)

The format was to sing the seven top rated popular songs for the week; the songs were sung by the regular cast of vocali...

Director: Norman Jewison  
Actors: Russell Arms   André Baruch   John Cannon  
A Couple of Joes (1949)
Actors: Joe Bushkin   Morgan the Dog   Allyn Edwards  
ABC Barn Dance (1949)

One of the eariest prime-time television programs, this show originally started as the radio program "National Barn Danc...

Actors: Hal O'Halloran   Jack Stillwell  
Adventures in Jazz (1949)

Hosted by well-known disc-jockey Fred Robbins (and later Bill Williams), this show gave viewers a glimpse into the world...

Actors: Fred Robbins   Bill Williams  
Al Morgan (1949)

Running for almost two years on the old Dumont network, this musical variety series starred and was hosted by pianist-si...

Director: Don Cook  
Actors: Al Morgan   Al Morgan  
Alice Pearce (1949)

Hosted by by noted comedienne Alice Pearce in the earliest days of the ABC network, this program offered viewers a mix o...

Actors: Alice Pearce   Mark Lawrence  
American Minstrels of 1949 (1949)

A prime example of days when television was seen more as an extansion of the live stage, the program was essentially a v...

Actors: Jack Carter   Pick Malone   Pat Padgett  
Arthur Godfrey and His Friends (1949)
Director: Robert Bleyer  
Actors: Tony Marvin   Tony Marvin  
Bandstand Review (1949)
Director: Klaus Landsberg  
Actors: Harry Babbitt   Frank De Vol   The Frank DeVol Orchestra  
Blues by Bargy (1949)
Actors: Jean Bargy  
Campus to Campus (1949)
Actors: Jud Conlon's Rhythmaires   Larry Stevens   Bunny Bishop  
Capitol Capers (1949)
Actors: Gene Archer  
Cavalcade of Stars (1949)
Director: Joseph Cates  
Actors: Zamah Cunningham   Zamah Cunningham   Pert Kelton  
Cities Service Band of America (1949)
Actors: Ford Bond   Paul Lavalle  
Face the Music (1949)
Actors: Cliff Ferre   Tony Mottola  
Flight to Rhythm (1949)
Actors: Delora Bueno  
Floor Show (1949)
Actors: Eddie Condon   Carl Reiner  
Front Row Center (1949)
Director: Milt Douglas   Fletcher Markle  
Actors: Frank Fontaine   Phil Leeds   Hal Loman  
Hometown Jamboree (1949)
Actors: Cliffie Stone   Cliffie Stone   Tennessee Ernie Ford  
Inside U.S.A. with Chevrolet (1949)

Variety show featuring a "big name" star for that telecast. Featured on each telecast was songs, comedy sketches, dancer...

Actors: Jay Blackton   Sue Bennett  
Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge (1949)
Actors: Jack Narz   Jack Narz  
Music in Velvet (1949)
Actors: Johnny Hill   Rex Maupin  
School House (1949)
Actors: Buddy Hackett  
Sunday at Home (1949)
Actors: Mom Pickard   Obed 'Bubb' Pickard Jr.   Charlie Pickard  
TV Teen Club (1949)

Something of an indirect predecessor to "American Bandstand" (Like "Bandstand," it originated in Philadelphia and had ma...

Actors: Dick Clark   Bernie Lowe   Bobby Rydell  
Teen Time Tunes (1949)
Actors: Sue Bennett   Alan Logan  
The Cliff Edwards Show (1949)
Director: George Sidney  
Actors: Cliff Edwards  
The Dude Martin Show (1949)
Actors: Steve Martin   Sue Thompson  
The Fifty-Fourth Street Revue (1949)
Director: Ralph Levy  
Actors: Al Bernie   Joey Faye   Bob Fosse  
The Jacques Fray Music Room (1949)

Jacques Fray was a pianist who played classical music and show tunes on this variety/talent show. Most of the show was d...

Actors: Jacques Fray  
The Paul Arnold Show (1949)
Actors: Paul Arnold  
The Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue (1949)
Actors: Paul Whiteman   Lina Romay  
Versatile Varieties (1949)

Two plot lines evolved for this show. The first, broadcast from August 1949 to January 1951, was a live variety show set...

Actors: Harold Barry   George Givot   Jerry Jerome  
Wayne King (1949)
Actors: Wayne King   Harry Hall   Don Large  
Window on the World (1949)

This show featured entertainers from all over the world. Scenes o the performers homeland would be shown behind the ente...

Actors: Merle Kendrick   Gil Lamb  
Adventures in Music (1948)
Actors: Korla Pandit  
Amanda (1948)
Actors: Amanda Randolph  
America Song (1948)

America has produced a wide variety of folk music and dance, raging from the fishing songs of the east coast to the cowb...

Actors: Paul Arnold   Nellie Fisher   Ray Harrison  
At Liberty Club (1948)
Actors: Jacqueline Turner  
Captain Billy's Mississippi Music Hall (1948)
Actors: Johnny Downs   Ralph Dumke   Juanita Hall  
Club Seven (1948)
Actors: Tony Bavaar   Bobby Byrne   Johnny Thompson  
For Your Pleasure (1948)
Actors: Kyle MacDonnell  
Friendship Circle (1948)
Actors: Ralph Dumke  
Musical Almanac (1948)
Actors: Harvey Harding  
Okay, Mother (1948)
Actors: Dennis James  
Record Rendezvous (1948)
Actors: Stan Shaw  
Spare Room (1948)
Actors: Phil Hanna  
Talent Scouts (1948)

Arthur Godfrey introduced a variety of talent to televison. He had a certain folksy warmth, dry wit, and an easygoing ma...

Director: Dave Rich   Robert Stevens  
Actors: Archie Bleyer   Jerry Bresler   George Brien  
Ted Mack & the Original Amateur Hour (1948)

A direct descendant of radio's "Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour" (1934-1946), hosted by Major Edward Bowes until his d...

Actors: Dennis James   Bob Shepard  
The Alan Dale Show (1948)

Highlighting the talents of one of the premier singers of the day, this musical and variety show provided viewers with a...

Actors: Alan Dale   Alan Dale  
The Morey Amsterdam Show (1948)

The show had two venues. In December 1948 to March 1949, Morey Amsterdam was the emcee at a small fictional nightclub in...

Actors: Vic Damone  
The Perry Como Show (1948)
Director: Mort Green   Ib Melchior  
Actors: Martin Block   Martin Block   Jack Duffy  
The Stan Shaw Show (1948)
Actors: Stan Shaw  
The Swift Show (1948)

Live music and light comedy featuring singer Lanny Ross. For the first 5 months, a quiz segment was included where conte...

Director: Fred Kelly  
Actors: Frank Fontaine   Max Showalter   Eileen Barton  
The Ted Steele Show (1948)
Actors: Ted Steele   Michael Rich  
Toast of the Town (1948)

Ed Sullivan's show was straight out of old vaudeville; brief acts of every description, from slapstick comedy to operati...

Director: Kenneth Whelan  
Actors: Bern Bennett   Art Hannes   Ralph Paul  
Village Barn (1948)
Actors: Bob Haymes  
Look Upon a Star (1947)
Actors: Bess Myerson  
Musical Merry-Go-Round (1947)

Under the title Disc Magic, Kilty played records and sometimes introduced live musical acts. In October, 1947, under the...

Actors: Jack Kilty  
Small Fry Club (1947)

This genteel children's show aimed at pre-schoolers encouraged good behavior among its viewers. Skits were performed by ...

Actors: Bob Emery   Howard J. Schuman  
Hour Glass (1946)

An almost forgotten landmark series in TV history, "Hour Glass" was the first variety show produced for television. Incl...

Director: Ed Sobol  
Actors: Eddie Mayehoff   Helen Parrish  
The Vera Massey Show (1946)
Actors: Vera Massey  
On Stage, Everybody (1945)
Actors: Danton Walker  
At Home (1944)
Actors: Patquita Anderson  
Will You Remember? (1944)
Actors: Vera Massey  
Apat na sikat
Actors: Arnold Gamboa   Don Don Nakar   Maribel Aunor  
Eezy Dancing
Actors: Nina Ricci Alagao   Ralion Alonzo  
Actors: German Moreno  
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