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Dreamland (2014)
Director: Toni Sevilla  
Actors: Lili Hergueta  
Dreams: 1 Rêve 2 Vies (2014)
Actors: Alice Raucoules   Elsa Esnoult   Tonya Kinzinger  
Random Acts: Give Me Back My Shine (2014)
Director: Abraham Papacosta  
Actors: Lee Payne  
Scared Stiff (2014)
Director: Brittany Emmons  
Actors: Tony Babcock   Sam Strelshik   Roney Lewis  
Soup or Salad (2014)
Director: Paul Lucenti  
The Boston Kitchen Musical (2014)

The lives of three young chefs as they re-launch their restaurant business.

Director: Matthew Rosen  
Actors: Jennifer Blair-Bianco   Natalia Moon  
The Broken Christmas Toys (2014)
Director: John Kearns Jr.  
Aquí está Mirtha Medina (2013)
Director: Robert Marrero  
Chica Vampiro (2013)
Director: Toni Navia  
Actors: Greeicy Rendón   Santiago Talledo   Eduardo Perez  
Horacio y los Plasticines (2013)
Director: Cristián Louit  
Kahit nasaan ka man (2013)
Director: Gil Tejada Jr.  
Actors: Lucho Ayala   Migs Cuaderno   Michael De Mesa  
Las Vega's (2013)

Las Vegas is a family of four women, the mother and three daughters, forced to take over a very peculiar business to pay...

Director: Roberto Rebolledo  
Liefste Kayla (2013)
Director: Shirley Ellis  
Actors: Louw Venter   Neels Coetzee   Annette Engelbrecht  
Michael Bay's Home Videos (2013)
Director: Matthew Campagna  
Música Maestro (2013)
Director: Márcio Loureiro  
Actors: Rui Massena  
Osu!! Fundoshibu (2013)
Director: Kazumasa Nemoto  
Actors: Tetsunori Akira   Kenji Ebisawa   Arata Furuta  
Rock in a Hard Place (2013)

What Happened to Dramedy for Genre or Comedy, or musical comedy??? Rock in a Hard Place is a cable series produced by Ra...

Director: Griffin Dunne  
Actors: Edward Asner   Steven Weber   Gina La Piana  
Side Effects (2013)
Director: Matt Stawski  
Actors: 'Mad Moni' Monica Sherer  
Song of Wend (2013)

Song of Wend is an open source warehouse of lyres brought to life in digital format. The lyre is fully customisable with...

Director: Wendell Charles NeSmith  
Actors: Wendell Charles NeSmith  
Su noche con Alfredo Rodríguez (2013)
Director: Robert Marrero  
Sunday All Stars (2013)
Director: Rommel Gacho  
Actors: Ogie Alcasid   Regine Velasquez   Jolina Magdangal  
Tre Tristan's Open Mic Night: Skits and More! (2013)

The guy behind the completely awesome but for some reason takes him forever to make new episodes of "Release the Awesome...

Director: Tre Tristan  
Actors: Tre Tristan   Tre Tristan   Tre Tristan  
Always You (2012)
Director: Chris Riedell   Nick Riedell  
Actors: Stephanie Duchaine   Ki Hong Lee   Lana McKissack  
Apollo Live (2012)
Actors: Doug E. Fresh   Alex Fortywest Gibbs   Michael Lamone Bivins  
Bilebändi (2012)
Director: Timo Suomi  
Actors: Jarkko Ahola   Kalle Lindroth   Juha Torvinen  
Dale Play (2012)
Director: Max Álvarez Alemany  
Actors: Vladimir Acevedo  
Dr. Fubalous (2012)

Dr. Fubalous and his trusty head nurse, Papa Skwaught, are working hard to launch their hip-hop careers. The doctors hav...

Duo El Gharam (2012)
Director: Seif El-Dinne Al Soubai  
Actors: Carlos Azar  
Frat House Musical (2012)

Peter, a wide-eyed freshman who lives to sing, wants to join the Sigma frat house, but the Sigma brothers aren't ready f...

Director: Jin Yoo-Kim  
Actors: Robert Palmer Watkins   Evan Strand   Kendall Toole  
Groove High (2012)
Director: David Freedman   Rudy Turkovics  
Actors: Jonathan Bailey   Samantha Barks  
Groove High (2012)
Director: Jeremiah Cullinane  
Actors: Alice Gingembre  
How to Rock (2012)
Actors: Ashley Barron  
La magia de los 60 (2012)

La Magia de los 60 (The Magic of the 60's) is a musical series which recreate important moments from the wonderful decad...

Director: Robert Marrero  
Actors: Los Angeles   José Augusto   Barrabas  
M.U.C.K. (2012)
Director: Can Sarcan  
Actors: Bektas Erdogan   Haluk Piyes   Azra Akin  
Miss XV: Sueña Princesa (2012)
Actors: Charly Rey   Reynaldo Rossano   Verónica Jaspeado  
My Brother's Keeper (2012)
Director: Thomas S. Nicol  
Actors: Marvin Banks   Marvin Banks   Brian Wolfman Black Bowman  
Smash (2012)

The road to and success on Broadway of the musical is not easy. And winning the coveted Tony as Best Musical is even mor...

Sustainability: The Musical (2012)

In 2015, the company Perfect Prototype created their first Time Machine. The CEO's little sister Ashley, accidentally ge...

Director: John MacDonald  
Cuando toca la campana (2011)
Director: Emiliano Larre  
Actors: Mariana Magaña   Leonel Deluglio   Nicole Luis  
Daldalita (2011)
Director: Don Michael Perez  
Actors: Marc Abaya   Ogie Alcasid   Wally Bayola  
Dance! (2011)
Director: Gustavo Cotta  
Actors: Isabel Macedo   Eva De Dominici   Justina Bustos  
Dating in the Middle Ages (2011)

Samantha Collins often day dreams about finding her perfect modern day Cary Grant - in the form of medieval romps and gl...

Actors: Angela Francis  
Decibel 110 (2011)
Director: José Tomás Larraín  
Actors: Leonardo Bertolini   Javier Castillo   Francisco Gormaz  
Glasut na Bulgaria (2011)
Director: Gergana Krekmanova   Hristian Nochev  
Actors: Kiril Marichkov   Miro   Ivana  
Golden Era with Annu Kpoor (2011)

The show is a reminiscence of Indian cinema with veteran Anu Kapoor. The show is a walk through the melodious and heart ...

Actors: Annu Kapoor  
Gospel Classics (2011)

SABC 2's new flagship gospel programme. Join energetic presenters Linda Sibiya and Bongani Nchang featuring the Gospel C...

Actors: Bongani Nchang   Sthembiso Zondo   Linda Sibiya  
Julie e os Fantasmas (2011)
Actors: Bruno Gissoni   Larissa Biondo  
La chanson du dimanche (2011)
Director: Julius Berg   Alexandre Castagnetti  
Actors: Frédéric Beigbeder   Jim Adhi Limas   Victoria Abril  
On My Face (2011)
Actors: Taryn Southern  
Supertorpe (2011)
Actors: Facundo Garcia  
The Kitchen Musical (2011)

Set in the musical world of a famous restaurant and anchored around the storyline of a rich young girl's journey of self...

Verses & Flow (2011)
Director: J. Kevin Swain  
Actors: David Bianchi   Hill Harper  
Zombies and Cheerleaders (2011)
Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson  
Alguien que me quiera (2010)
Director: Matías Bertilotti   Sebastián Pivotto   Martín Saban  
Actors: Alejandro Awada   Marco Antonio Caponi   Daniel Casablanca  
Arriba y arriba (2010)
Director: Gonzalo Martinez  
Actors: Agostina Fusari  
Breathing Underwater (2010)
Director: Brett Leonard  
Actors: Robert Acinapura   Christian Flaherty   Paul Freeman  
Concha Piquer y los compositores de copla (2010)
Director: Manuel Palacios  
Actors: Vicente Prima   Pilar Boyero   Rosita Ferrer  
Dances for an iPhone (2010)

It's a long trek from Oroville to Portola, California, but "trainspotting" the Feather River Cyn. is well worth it. Volu...

Actors: Stephen Pier   Carmen De Lavallade   Molissa Fenley  
Décadas (2010)
Actors: Jaime Almeida   Belanova   Ari Borovoy  
Fame: The Musical (2010)
Director: Chris Power  
Actors: Derek Mooney   Derek Mooney   Simon Delaney  
Highway: Rodando la Aventura (2010)
Director: Diego Suárez  
Actors: Roger Gonzalez Garza   Valeria Baroni   Walter Bruno  
Hiya Wa Huwa (2010)
Director: Anas Ghaibeh   Waleed Nassif  
Actors: Khaled Al Shaer   Aseel Omran  
Levenslied (2010)
Actors: Guy Clemens   Hans Dagelet   Tijn Docter  
Musical: The Online Musical (2010)
Director: Jeff Luppino-Esposito  
Actors: Ryan Campbell   Jason Carpenter   Alan Donehoo  
Para vestir santos (2010)
Actors: Juan Manuel Guilera  
Party Pilipinas (2010)
Director: Rommel Gacho   Rico Gutierrez   Louie Ignacio   Mark A. Reyes  
Actors: Aljur Abrenica   Ogie Alcasid   Mark Bautista  
Primera Dama (2010)

Sabina Astudillo comes from a humble and poor background and dreams of day being rich and famous. Tired of being poor, s...

Director: Herval Abreu  
Påpp & Råkk (2010)

Two guys in their 30s have a faded dream of becoming pop stars. Erlend and Steinjo have started a store that sells used ...

Director: Stein Johan Grieg Halvorsen   Erlend Klarholm Nilsen   Christopher Pahle   Rudi Simmons  
Tantarantán (2010)
Actors: José Manuel Piñeiro  
The Sunset Players (2010)
Director: Cory Reeder  
Actors: Danny Blaylock   Tony McConville   Kate McLaughlin  
106 and Gospel (2009)
Actors: Jor él Quinn   Angel  
Achú (2009)
Director: Alvaro Ceppi  
Actors: Felipe Ilabaca   Pablo Ilabaca  
Alfredo Tomato (2009)
Actors: Nick Aiello   Matt Greyson   Neil MacKay  
Big Time Rush (2009)
Actors: Richie Chance  
Champs 12 (2009)
Director: Alejandro Ibáñez   Gustavo Luppi  
Come What Mae (2009)
Director: Susan Fuda  
Actors: Mae Andreson  
Consentidos (2009)
Director: Marcelo Tinelli  
Actors: Natalí Pérez   Michel Noher   Claribel Medina  
De Gira (2009)
Director: Martinez Gonzalo  
Glee (2009)

When a High School Spanish teacher, Will Schuester, becomes the director of the school's failing Glee club, New Directio...

Go!azen (2009)
Director: Jabi Elortegi  
Actors: Ramón Agirre   Jokin Ayerregaray   Yago Mateo  
I Kissed a Vampire (2009)

Dylan is terrified when a nasty bat bite transforms him into one of the living dead. His world is turned upside down, an...

Joyful Noise Cafe' (2009)
Director: Teague Kennedy   Eric Lanford  
Actors: Christine Pullara  
Las Desveladas (2009)
Director: Gonzalo Martinez  
Actors: Agostina Fusari  
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