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Lærkevej (2009)

A top chef goes on the run from a messy situation involving a dead body. He and his two sisters find their way to Lærke...

Miguel Miguel (2009)
Director: Roger Elarrat  
Mirakuru torein: Ôedosen e yôkoso (2009)
Director: Kenichi Kasai  
Mistero (2009)
Director: Arcadio Cavalli  
Actors: Enrico Ruggeri   Daniele Bossari   Tony Armstrong  
Mundos paralelos (2009)
Director: Pablo Mantilla  
Actors: Tiago Correa   Luis Dubó   Sergio Hernández  
NCIS: Los Angeles (2009)

The Naval Criminal Investigation Service's Office of Special Projects takes on the undercover work and the hard to crack...

PandoraHearts (2009)

Oz Vessalius, heir to one of the duke houses, has just turned fifteen. His life is rich and carefree, darkened only by t...

Director: Takao Kato  
Actors: Toshihiko Seki   Yui Horie  
Perdi Hasta El Nombre (2009)
Director: Jose Useche  
Actors: Neal Kodinsky  
Psychoville (2009)

A group of seemingly unrelated strangers all receive a mysterious note stating "I know what you did," it sends their liv...

Special Agent Oso (2009)
Actors: Kara R. Stribling  
Tantei X kara no chosenjo! (2009)
Actors: Kazuo Namekawa   Naoto Takenaka   Naoto Takenaka  
The Beast (2009)
Actors: Jeff Albertson   Tommy Bartlett   Joe DeVito  
The Book of Jer3miah (2009)

A college freshman, Jeremiah Whitney, accepts the undertaking to protect a mysterious Mesoamerican box. When Jeremiah's ...

The Good Wife (2009)

Alicia Florrick is the wife of a former state's attorney for Cook County. He has been imprisoned after a sex and corrupt...

The Lost Tapes (2009)
Director: Rob Traegler   Fred Villari  
The Othersiders (2009)
Director: Casey Brumels  
Actors: Riley Litman   Sam   Zack  
The Real NCIS (2009)

These are documentaries recounting the work of Local Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs)and actual NCIS Special Agents as th...

The Vampire Diaries (2009)

The vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore, eternal adolescents, having been leading 'normal' lives, hiding their b...

Umineko no naku koro ni (2009)
Director: Tatsuya Abe   Yasuo Ejima   Yutaka Hirata   Kôsuke Kobayashi   Tarô Kubo   Rion Kujo   Hiroyuki Tsuchiya   Masahiko Watanabe   Shunji Yoshida   Tsuyoshi Yoshimoto  
Warehouse 13 (2009)

After saving the life of the President in Washington D.C., a pair of U.S Secret Service agents are whisked away to a cov...

White Collar (2009)

The unlikely partnership between charming con artist Neal Caffrey and straightman FBI agent Peter Burke. Caffrey provide...

Whitechapel (2009)

Set in 2008 and against the hugely atmospheric background of Whitechapel, London, a modern police force are fighting an ...

Actors: Georgina Lamb  
k7 (2009)
Director: Oscar Martinez Chamorro  
Actors: Javier Almeda   Oriol Ruiz   Jaume Santromà  
A Favorita (2008)

Flora was imprisoned for 18 years for the murder of the lover, Marcelo. She has always pleaded not guilty, and now that ...

Altra oportunitat (2008)
Director: Juan José Castro  
Actors: Jordi Ballester   Xavi Mira   Mireia Pérez  
Bonekickers (2008)

English archaeology professor 'Dolly' Parton's team handles high-profile (notably relic) finds. Often those prove releva...

Bukhta strakha (2008)
Director: Vitali Moskalenko  
Actors: Tatyana Yakovenko   Andrey Smolyakov   Emiliya Spivak  
Canal Grande (2008)
Director: Valeria Castrucci  
Actors: Alberto Toso Fei  
Capitu (2008)
Actors: Thelmo Fernandes   Eduardo Pires   Emilio Pitta  
Criminal Justice (2008)
Actors: Chris Wilson  
Die 25. Stunde (2008)
Director: Thomas Jauch  
E.S.P. (2008)

The show centers on Casandra (Iza Calzado), an ambitious beauty queen-turned-investigative journalist who will do whatev...

Formel 11 (2008)
Director: Nils J. Nesse   Finn-Erik Rognan  
Actors: Lene Mykjåland   Miriam Prestøy Lie   Davy Wathne  
Fringe (2008)

The FBI teams up with a formerly-institutionalized scientist - who was performing experiments on the fringe of real scie...

Gece Sesleri (2008)
Actors: Ezgi Asaroglu   Sebnem Zorlu   Evrim Alasya  
Golgo 13 (2008)

Duke Togo, a.k.a. Golgo 13, is a highly-skilled assassin hired only by those who pay top-dollar for his services - wheth...

Director: Mitsuru Nasukawa   Masahiro Takada   Shunji Ôga  
Actors: Hiroshi Tachi   Mitsuo Senda  
Hwan-sang-gi-dam (2008)
Actors: Ji-hoo Kang   Cheon-sik Moon  
Häxdansen (2008)
Actors: Henrik Sjöman   Viktoria Hedberg   Brigitta Nilsson  
In Plain Sight (2008)

Mary Shannon is a U.S. Marshal in the witness protection program who spends her time relocating federal witnesses.. Base...

In2ition (2008)

For nearly 150 years, The Program has pursued its secret mission to identify and develop the "abilities" of individuals ...

Joshidaisei kaikeishi no jikenbo (2008)
Actors: Terunosuke Takezai   Saori  
Kuroshitsuji (2008)
Director: Toshiya Shinohara  
Leverage (2008)

Former insurance claims investigator Nathan Ford heads a team of former top-criminals. They handle 'unorthodox' cases of...

Liberdade 21 (2008)
Actors: Maria de Medeiros   Carla Vasconcelos  
Life on Mars (2008)

Sam Tyler is a police detective in 2008 when he gets struck by a car and is knocked unconscious. When he comes to and fi...

Livvagterne (2008)

The Danish national police branch PET is in charge of personal protection, mainly of politicians and royal family. That ...

Luís de Matos Mistérios (2008)
Director: Daniel Strömbeck  
Actors: Luís de Matos  
Murdoch Mysteries (2008)

In the late 1890s, police Inspector William Murdoch takes a new, more scientific approach to solving crimes. Assisted by...

Môryô no Hako (2008)

Police detective Kiba finds himself investigating a very strange case involving a girl hit by a train, her actress siste...

Director: Ryôsuke Nakamura  
Nachts - Geschichten aus der Dunkelheit (2008)
Director: Sebastian Niemann  
Nihonshi sasupensu gekijô (2008)
Actors: Eiichirô Funakoshi   Bibiru Ôki   Nana Suzue  
Noche eterna (2008)
Actors: Esteban Arbonics   Fernando Becerril   Juan Manuel Bernal  
Pi li MIT (2008)
Director: Qing Zhen Lin  
Actors: Alien Huang   Aaron Yan   Christine Fan  
Sanctuary (2008)

Stem cells, gene therapy, transplants, cloning; The very meaning of the word "humanity" changes daily in the modern worl...

Sterke verhalen uit zoutvloed (2008)

This television series (eight episodes) takes place in a fictive village in the northern part of the Netherlands. In eac...

Temps Mort (2008)
Director: James L. Frachon  
Actors: Michaël Abiteboul   Philippe du Janerand   Damien Jouillerot  
The Fixer (2008)
Director: Alrick Riley   John Strickland  
The Mentalist (2008)

After a serial killer named Red John murdered Patrick Jane's wife and daughter, Jane dedicated his life to hunting down ...

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (2008)

After her father's death, sensible and cheerful Mma Precious Ramotswe sells her inherited cattle and opens the country's...

The Sonia Uribe Files (2008)
Director: Colin Cobb  
Actors: Sonia Uribe  
True Blood (2008)

The series follows Sookie Stackhouse, a barmaid living in Louisiana who can read people's minds, and how her life is tur...

Underbelly (2008)

Each season of this multi award winning Television series takes you through a 13 episode run in the rise and fall of of ...

Vidas robadas (2008)
Director: Miguel Colom  
Actors: Gogó Andreu   Facundo Arana   Matías Baroffio  
Whines and Spirits (2008)
Director: Karl Beattie  
Actors: Karl Beattie   Stuart Torevell  
XIII (2008)

The first female US President Sally Sheridan is shot dead by a sniper during her Veterans Day speech. Her assassin narro...

Actors: Julie McLeod  
Across the River to Motor City (2007)

November 22, 1963 - A motorcade rounds a corner - a muzzle flashes into history and nothing will ever be the same. Not f...

Alguien te mira (2007)

Four people bound together by friendship, love and obsession witness a crime. The victim is a well-known socialite, and ...

Director: Germán Barriga   María Eugenia Rencoret   Rodrigo Velásquez  
Asian Treasures (2007)

Asian Treasures is an engaging story involving the quest for hidden treasures that date back from the start of Philippin...

Director: Gina Alajar   Mac Alejandre   Joel Lamangan   Eric Quizon  
Actors: Robin Padilla   Angel Locsin   Marvin Agustin  
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