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Reunion (2005)

A relentless New York City police detective, named Ken Marjorino, arrives in the town of Bedford, New York, to investiga...

Revelations (2005)

Set just before the start of Armageddon, the series will follow two central characters, a physicist and a nun, who are r...

Actors: Julius Callahan   Ted Garcia   Pierre Peyrichout  
Secrets of New York (2005)

Join host, Kelly Choi, as she takes you through the five boroughs of New York City to unlock the secrets behind every tw...

Segredo (2005)
Director: Paulo Nascimento   Patrícia Sequeira   Leonel Vieira  
Actors: Pedro Calvinho   Cristovão Campos   Adriano Carvalho  
Skattejakten (2005)

Four Scandinavian youngsters on the search for the holy grail. Following in the footsteps of their great grandfather, th...

Director: Thomas Kaiser  
Actors: Oscar McWilliam   Caroline Erritzøe   Vincent Grass  
Special Squad (2005)
Director: Nandu Kale   Satyam Tripathy  
Actors: Iqbal Azad   Iqbal Azad   Raj Banerjee  
Speed Grapher (2005)

Ten years after the Bubble War, the dichotomy between the rich and the poor in the world becomes more prominent and Japa...

Director: Kunihisa Sugishima  
Actors: Mark Stoddard   Maria Leamon  
Strange Days on Planet Earth (2005)

Around the globe, scientists are racing to solve a series of mysteries. Unsettling transformations are sweeping across t...

Supernatural (2005)

This television drama is about two brothers, Sam and Dean, who were raised by their father, John, to hunt and kill all t...

Surface (2005)

What do naval officers in the South Antarctic Sea, a family in Wilmington, N.C., the oceanographic institute in Monterey...

Tak mialo byc (2005)
Director: Kinga Domagala   Agnieszka Trzos   Lukasz Wisniewski  
Actors: Magdalena Czerwinska   Anna Brulinska   Jakub Przebindowski  
The Closer (2005)

Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, formerly Atlanta police officer and CIA-trained interrogator, is given the opp...

The Inside (2005)

In this psychological thriller, rookie FBI Agent Rebecca Locke joins the Bureau's Los Angeles Violent Crimes Unit, unawa...

The Triangle (2005)

While chasing a whaler, the Greenpeace boat sinks with the vessel, pulled by a mysterious force underwater and only Meen...

Actors: Norman Anstey   Garth Breytenbach   Gregory Carew  
Top Ten Ways to Contact the Dead (2005)
Actors: Rebecca Stoddart   Joanna Pickering   Joanna Pickering  
Two Twisted (2005)

'Two Twisted' follows on from the 'Twisted Tales'(1996) series produced by Australian actor/producer Bryan Brown. These ...

Versus (2005)
Director: Nicolás Alemparte   Germán Barriga   Roberto Morales   María Eugenia Rencoret   Loreto Varas   Rodrigo Velásquez  
Actors: Francisco Melo   Francisco Melo   María José Urzúa  
Vintovaya lestnitsa (2005)
Director: Dmitri Parmyonov  
Actors: Inna Churikova   Irina Rakshina   Vladimir Matveev  
Xue se can yang (2005)
Director: Zhiqiang Dong   Yu Yi  
Actors: Lin Zhao   Yiping Jia   Lichun Lee  
Agasa Kurisutî no meitantei Powaro to Mâpuru (2004)

1930s England; spirited teenager Mabel West is determined to her life on her own terms. Her father agrees to let her lea...

Director: Masakazu Amiya   Kôji Fukasawa   Yumi Kamakura   Yoshitaka Makino   Daiki Nishimura   Masayuki Ozeki   Katsutoshi Sasaki   Katsutoshi Sasaki   Jôji Shimura   Yasuyuki Shinozaki   Masahiko Watanabe   Shinichi Watanabe  
Being Ian (2004)

Ian Kelly is a 12-year-old kid with a kind of imagination that goes "cut" in the night. He thinks that his life is a sta...

Director: Andy Bartlett   Josh Mepham  
Actors: Tyra Olsen  
Blackpool (2004)
Director: Julie Anne Robinson  
Boston Legal (2004)

Ethically-challenged attorney Alan Shore, formerly of Young, Frutt & Berluti, settles in at a wealthy and powerful firm ...

Cuentos clásicos de terror (2004)
Director: Horacio Maldonado   Santiago Carlos Oves   Cristian Pauls   Paula Pollacchi   Atilio Polverini   Alexis Puig   Fernando Spiner   Javier Torre   Raúl Alberto Tosso  
Actors: Aldo Barbero   Alberto Benegas   Álex Benn  
Culpable de este amor (2004)

Agustín Rivero, is a well-known attorney who is studying the case of a young man who has killed his fiancée's parents....

Director: Gabriel de Ciancio   Federico Palazzo  
Actors: Gonzalo Heredia   Leandro Melián   Martín Santa Ana  
Dead Famous (2004)
Director: Maria Knowles  
Desperate Housewives (2004)

The "normal" suburban life for a group of close-knit housewives takes a dark turn when one of their closest friends myst...

Diritto di difesa (2004)
Actors: Michele Venitucci   Samuela Sardo   Stefania Spugnini  
El Deseo (2004)

Desire, is a town nature has gifted with unusual blessings: healing spring waters. Its moral and economic owner is Dalmi...

Director: Carlos Luna  
Actors: Luciano Cáceres   Pedro Segni  
El castillo de las mentes prodigiosas (2004)
Director: Tinet Rubira  
Actors: Paco Porras   Aramís Fuster   Pitonisa Lola Montero  
Epitafios (2004)

A teacher took as hostage 4 students so the school authorities would listen to his demands. Due to an accident, the 4 st...

Estrambótica Anastasia (2004)
Director: José Alcalde  
Graven (2004)
Director: Mikael Marcimain  
Ha-Shir Shelanu (2004)
Director: Shirley Stern   Yoav Tzafir  
Actors: Ran Danker   Ran Danker   Oshri Cohen  
House M.D. (2004)

The series follows the life of anti-social, pain killer addict, witty and arrogant medical doctor Gregory House with onl...

Hustle (2004)

The story of a group of elite con artists, who each week pull off a complicated scam with several twists. Mickey is the ...

I'm Famous and Frightened (2004)
Director: Gary Brooks  
Actors: Brian Dowling   Donna Dawson   Ciarán O'Keeffe  
Kingdom Hospital (2004)

Shocking and frightening tale of a haunted hospital that was built over an ancient graveyard. The doctors have put all t...

Kurokawa no techou (2004)
Actors: Nenji Kobayashi   Ryû Manatsu   Tôru Nakamura  
Kêtai deka Zenigata Rui (2004)
Actors: Masao Kusakari  
La mujer en el espejo (2004)
Actors: Paola Rey   Paola Rey   Natasha Klauss  
La saga: Negocio de familia (2004)

It begins in the middle 30's in a town near Bogotá, Colombia. Tomás Manrique, his wife Josefina and his little son Ped...

Director: Dago García   Juan Carlos Villamizar  
Actors: Fernando Arango   Humberto Arango   Ronald Ayazo  
Los grandes misterios del tercer milenio (2004)
Actors: Jim Delatozo   Richard Hein   Bruce Macari  
Lost (2004)

After a mysterious and bloody airplane crash, 48 survivors are left stranded on a Pacific Island... miles off course. It...

Madlax (2004)

In the country of Gazth-Sonika, civil war rages. There, a mercenary called Madlax plies her trade, with almost supernatu...

Actors: Rick Burford   Jason Douglas   Jeff Duncan  
Mai-HiME (2004)
Director: Masakazu Kohara  
Actors: Akira Ishida   Tomokazu Seki   Toshihiko Seki  
Medical Investigation (2004)

With the subtleness of the invisible and the potential deadliness greater than a bomb, disease can the most dangerous th...

Director: Norberto Barba  
Messiah: The Promise (2004)
Director: David Drury  
Actors: Frances Grey   Neil Dudgeon   Sam Troughton  
Monster (2004)

Dr. Kenzo Tenma, a young but extremely talented neurosurgeon, lives his life working in a hospital in Germany. He is res...

Director: Masayuki Kojima  
Actors: Yasuyoshi Hara   Tsutomu Isobe   Hidenobu Kiuchi  
Mosca y Smith en el Once (2004)
Director: Diego Kaplan  
Actors: Willy Van Broock  
Môsô dairinin (2004)
Actors: Jamie Gallardo  
Padre Coraje (2004)
Director: Martín Saban  
Actors: Maisa Armeri   Silvana Olivares   Paula Villanustre  
Psychic Detective (2004)
Director: Alan Howard  
Actors: Joe McGann   Tony Stockwell  
Quinto mandamiento (2004)
Director: Sergio Bellotti  
Actors: Roberto Catarineu   Claudio Gallardou   Mónica Scapparone  
Reikan basu gaido jikenbo (2004)
Director: Manabu Asô   Masato Ibe   Satoru Nakajima   Naomi Tamura  
Actors: Rei Kikukawa   Ken Kaito  
Rouge (2004)
Director: Chee Kong Cheah  
Actors: Denise Laurel   Mariel Rodriguez  
Rubí (2004)

Rubí is an ambitious young woman, who all her life has wanted to be rich. She studies at a private university, where sh...

Director: Benjamín Cann   Eric Morales  
Sangre fría (2004)
Director: Nicolás Goldar Parodi  
Sea of Souls (2004)

Dr. Douglas Monaghan heads a small staff at a Glasgow, Scotland university that studies and performs experiments concern...

Shadow Play (2004)

Ben and his family are on a sailing holiday when a storm forces them to abandon their boat and take refuge in a desolate...

Director: Dirk Campbell  
Shen tan Di Renjie (2004)
Director: Yan-qiu Qian  
Actors: Guanhua Liang   Kai Liang   Yan-qiu Qian  
Spy Academy (2004)
Director: Wayne Moss  
Actors: Eric Charbonneau   Janessa Crimi   Katherine Crimi  
Suna no utsuwa (2004)

Eiryo Waga(Nakai Masahiro) is a famous pianist hiding a dark past. A man from Waga's childhood appears before him after ...

Actors: Hidekazu Akai   Yoshio Harada   Masachika Ichimura  
Tentación (2004)
Director: Herval Abreu  
Actors: Pedro Villagra   Aníbal Reyna   Daniel Alcaíno  
The 4400 (2004)

The pilot begins with a ball of light sailing towards Earth, but rather than the expected catastrophic event, thousands ...

The Batman (2004)

A young Bruce Wayne is in his third year of trying to establish himself as Batman, protector of Gotham City. Living in G...

The Collector (2004)

Centuries ago, Morgan Pym made a deal with Satan: his soul, in exchange for 10 years with his one true love. After she d...

Director: Pat Williams  
The Murder Room (2004)

The lease on the Dupayne Museum is almost up and under the terms of their father's will, all three of the Dupayne childr...

Director: Diarmuid Lawrence  
Actors: Martin Shaw   Janie Dee   Samantha Bond  
Tiempo final (2004)
Actors: Claudio Garófalo   Harry Havilio   Jean Pierre Noher  
Åndenes Makt (2004)
Actors: Tom Strømnæss   Lilli Bendriss   Gro-Helen Tørum  
Abre tus ojos (2003)
Director: Eduardo 'Coco' Acosta  
Actors: Romina Yan   Iván Espeche   Cecilia Maresca  
Archivos del más allá (2003)
Actors: Julio Mota  
Carnivàle (2003)

1934, America. The Dustbowl. A fugitive named Ben Hawkins finds refuge within a traveling carnival comprised of a tarot ...

Actors: Guy Chapman  
Chistye Klyuchi (2003)
Director: Vladimir Basov Ml.   Olga Basova  
Actors: Lyudmila Polyakova   Yury Belyayev   Aleksandra Skachkova  
Cinderella Boy (2003)
Director: Asaho Takahashi   Tsuneo Tominaga  
Cold Case (2003)

Lilly Rush is a Philadelphia police detective working for the department's homicide squad and being assigned 'cold cases...

De drabbade (2003)

One night a nameless force sweeps over Sweden, and scattered over the country are a few chosen, who are gifted with supe...

Actors: James Cagnard  
Death in Holy Orders (2003)

New Scotland Yard Commander Adam Dalgleish is asked to have a second look at the death of Ronald Treeves, a student at S...

Actors: Matthew Cosgrove   Laura Cudd   Amber Noble  
Fat Cow Motel (2003)

An off-beat Comedy/Drama/Mystery series set in the small rural town of Fat Cow, Australia. Desperete to keep the dying c...

Funky Cops (2003)
Director: Franck Michel   Thierry Sapyn  
Actors: Frederick B. Owens   Andrew Rannells   Richard Yearwood  
Hagane no renkinjutsushi (2003)

The Elric brothers' mother is dead and their father has long since abandoned them. Deciding to perform a forbidden human...

Director: Masakazu Amiya   Masahiro Andô   Jun Fukuda   Masakazu Hashimoto   Yoshito Hata   Tarô Iwasaki   Shingo Kaneko   Jôhei Matsuura   Seiji Mizushima   Kentaro Nakamura   Tamaki Nakatsu   Yoshinori Odaka   Atsushi Otsuki   Kazuki Tsunoda   Shigeru Ueda   Kenji Yasuda  
Actors: Tomoyuki Shimura   Takaya Hashi   Naoki Makishima  
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