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After Hell (2014)
Actors: Alexander Hölzl  
Amnesia (2014)
Actors: Jennie Kahn-Jacques  
Annedroids (2014)

Annedroids is the story of a boy, two girls and three androids. Annedroids is a science based action-adventure series fo...

Director: J.J. Johnson  
Black Bullet (2014)
Actors: Yûki Kaji   Rikiya Koyama   Rina Hidaka  
Blackout (2014)

Blackout The Series is a Sci-Fi/Thriller/Dramatic series formed by eight episodes. The story developed around the lives ...

Director: David Valolao  
Actors: Fabio Chiappara   Francesco Gabriele   Alberto Resti  
Buddy Complex (2014)
Actors: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka   Tomokazu Sugita   Koki Uchiyama  
Chipped (2014)

Chipped is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic series set ten years from now. Crime rates are a lot worse than they are now, as we...

Director: Liam Drury  
Cops and Monsters (2014)
Director: Fraser Coull  
Actors: Mark Harvey   Alan Mackenzie   Caitlin Gillespie  
Drone9: The Series (2014)
Director: Byron Diffenderffer  
Actors: Jeffrey Janoff   Kelly McCrillis   Anneke Wisner  
Echo Chamber (2014)
Director: Rupert Wyatt  
Extant (2014)

An astronaut (Berry) returns home from a year long solo mission in space. She tries to reconnect with her husband and so...

Helix Webisodes (2014)
Director: Zoe Robyn Turner  
Hell Bent (2014)

A young biochemist funded by a secret society discovers the ability to control minds. He'll have to use this new power i...

Director: Rob Lewis  
Actors: Edward Finlay   Matthew Thomas Lange   Mitch Levene  
Hope: The Last Paladin (2014)
Actors: Amir Khalighi   Marissa Nans  
Lantern City (2014)
Actors: John Rhys-Davies   Raphael Sbarge   Mira Furlan  
Les gars des vues (2014)
Director: Mathieu Gadbois  
Actors: Pascal Barriault   Pierre-Luc Gosselin   Simon Gouache  
Litus & Eve (2014)

The story starts off with 3 friends, Litus, Zilo & Maria. At the start of the story its Litus 21st birthday and he doesn...

Director: Litus Beesley   Jose A. Colon  
Actors: Alex Colon   Mk Blitz   Rye Rye  
Lives of Liars (2014)
Director: Crystal Marie Hilyard  
Montauk Boys (2014)
Director: Andy Leitch  
Actors: Jim Bracchitta   Harris Doran   Luke Guldan  
New Dawn: Reboot (2014)
Director: Dominique Luchart  
Actors: Judi Beecher   Stephanie Drapeau  
No Game, No Life (2014)
Director: Atsuko Ishizuka  
Actors: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka   Yoko Hikasa   Ai Kayano  
Onslaught (2014)
Director: Gareth Leslie  
Outlander (2014)

Follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, wh...

Actors: Roderick Gilkison   Sam Heughan   Duncan Lacroix  
Peacekeepers (2014)
Actors: Maria Makenna   Madeline Wise  
S.I.N (2014)
Director: Catherine De Luca  
Actors: Josef Crow   Benvolio Murray  
Salem (2014)

Set in the volatile world of 17th century Massachusetts, 'Salem' explores what really fueled the town's infamous witch t...

Director: Richard Shepard  
Actors: Xander Berkeley   Shane West   Elise Eberle  
Screensaver (2014)

Steven Maine is a young troubled high school student. He doesn't have a lot of friends, his parents are never around, an...

Director: Paul Amstone   Isaac Goodwin  
Season of the Wolf (2014)
Director: Derek Losoncy  
Actors: Jesse Collin   Dana Stoutenburg   Derek Losoncy  
Space Dandy (2014)
Director: Shinichirô Watanabe  
Actors: Uki Satake  
Spaceship Florida (2014)
Director: Paul Ratner  
Actors: Jeffrey Crisp   J. LaRose   Aaron Trout  
Spooked (2014)
Director: Richard N. Martin  
Actors: Julian Curtis   Neil Grayston   Derek Mio  
Star Trek Begins (2014)
Actors: Patrick Elliott   Jordan Googe   Katie Carpenter  
Star Wars Rebels (2014)
Director: Steven G. Lee   Steward Lee  
Actors: Steve Blum   Tim Curry   Greg Ellis  
Starfall (2014)
Director: Tyler Bourns  
Actors: Andrew Jackson   Ellen Dubin   Valerie Mya  
String Theory (2014)
Director: Patrick Johnson  
Actors: Syra McCarthy   Nate Rubin   Adam Dietrich  
Sword Art Online 2 (2014)
Director: Tomohiko Ito  
Actors: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka   Ayana Taketatsu   Haruka Tomatsu  
Tailed (2014)

A futuristic Sci-Fi adventure where an alien race of reptilian shape shifters has invaded earth. Follow Martin and Corey...

Director: Donovan Fulkerson  
Actors: Boyd Barrett   Dominic Batista Jr.   Eric Martinez  
The Apocalypse Survival Guide (2014)

The world, as we know it, is coming to an end. Without any warning or explanation, America is suddenly destroyed by mete...

Director: John H. Caballero  
Actors: Jesus Padilla  
The Drifter (2014)
Director: Adam Christy  
Actors: Chad Cooles   Brandon Sadeghian  
The Mars Shuttle Murders (2014)
Actors: Corin Nemec   Geraint Wyn Davies   Claudia Christian  
The Paradox Series (2014)
Director: James O'Shea  
Actors: Canice Bannon   Pete Tilly   Sophie Morris-Sheppard  
The Strain (2014)
Actors: Jay Da Costa   John Hurt  
The Traveling Traveler Who Travels (2014)
Director: Alex L. Newman  
The Villain Chronicles (2014)
Director: Ron T. Baker  
Actors: Andy Boulter   Andy Boulter   Andy Boulter  
Trek Wars: The Motion Comic (2014)
Director: Tymaine Clay  
Actors: Ryan T. Husk   Ryan T. Husk   Ryan T. Husk  
Unraveling (2014)

Based on the YA novel by Liz Norris. After being hit by a car, Janelle is convinced she died and that her sexy and myste...

Z/X: Ignition (2014)
Actors: Yuuichi Nakamura   Yui Ogura   Miyuki Sawashiro  
2020 (2013)
Director: Wojciech Jezowski  
935: A Nazi Zombies Series (2013)
Director: Jake Akuna  
Afterzombies: The Webseries (2013)
Director: Guillermo Arribas Cobián  
Actors: Ricardo Reguera   Pau Roca   Alfonso Torregrosa  
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013)

After the Battle of New York, the world has changed. It now knows not only about the Avengers, but also the powerful men...

Anica: The Series (2013)
Director: Kenyon Glover  
Apex (2013)
Director: Cory Braun  
Actors: Brent Antonello   Charlie Barnett   Gizmo The Chihuahua  
Bennight Brothers (2013)

After the loss of their father to cancer, three brothers learn of a family secret written and encoded in their fathers w...

Director: Robert L. Lopez   Chris Machado  
Bima - Satria Garuda (2013)

BIMA - Satria Garuda is the first Super Hero TV Series in Indonesia. Inspired by Kamen Rider Series from Japan, Bima is ...

Director: Teruyoshi Ishii   Arnandha Wyanto   Raesaka Yunus  
Actors: Rayhan Febrian   Christian Loho   Christian Loho  
Binoy Henyo (2013)
Director: Albert Langitan  
Actors: David Remo   Sheena Halili   Luis Alandy  
Blake's 7 (2013)
Director: Martin Campbell  
Blink the Series (2013)
Director: Glenn Conroy   Malachi Rempen  
Actors: Vanessa Locke   Jon Amar   Christine Utterberg  
Body Jumpers Origins (2013)
Actors: Michelle Annette George   Zoe Leid   Patricia Lisanne  
Breast Friends (2013)
Director: Ryan Atkins   Mimi Moonshine  
Actors: Mimi Moonshine   Ashley Gulla   Mike Akers  
CAT. 8 (2013)

A research program abandoned by the best solar physicist when the Pentagon wanted to put it to military use has been res...

Director: Kevin Fair  
Causality: The Webseries (2013)

When Holly Wells accidentally arrives in the present day from just five years in the future, Seattle's hidden community ...

Director: Ralph Fontaine  
Actors: Alexander Roan Andrews   Ben Andrews   Ralph Fontaine  
Changelings (2013)

A supernatural creep noir detective thriller short webseries. Supernaturals have walked amongst the living for millennia...

Chronicles of Syntax (2013)

The journey of Syntax and the identity struggles of those living in an uncertain and harsh reality. Syntax must choose b...

Dark Age (2013)

The series takes place 18 months from now. An unnamed apocalypse has wiped out a large percentage of the population. The...

Actors: Andrew Klopach  
Dark Rising: Warrior of Worlds (2013)
Actors: Brian Nettlefold  
Darkest Times (2013)

What if one morning everything changed? Friends, family, loved ones, populations disappeared. Left in an post apocalypti...

Director: Simon Winterson  
Actors: Dennis Barham   Allan Michael Brunet   Danny F. Santos  
Date a Live (2013)

A boy named Itsuka Shidou meets a spirit girl who has been rejected by a devastated world. The girl, who Shidou names To...

Director: Keitarou Motonaga  
Actors: Anri Katsu   Nobunaga Shimazaki   Aya Endo  
Defiance (2013)

In the year 2046, it's a new Earth - with new rules. Over thirty years after various alien races arrived on Earth, the l...

Dementia's Doorway (2013)
Actors: Lorena Melgar  
Doctor Who Animated Series (2013)
Actors: Hayleigh Cartwright  
Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor (2013)
Director: Jevocas Green   Richard Hempton   Robert Vardaros  
Double Circle (2013)
Actors: Daisuke Namikawa   Nobuhiko Okamoto   Chiwa Saito  
Déjà Vu Darling (2013)
Actors: Sergio Vega  
Déjà Vu Serie Web (2013)

Déjà Vu Web Series is a 12 episodes web series that tells the story of Sebastian, a young man who can see tragedies be...

Flaman (2013)
Actors: Emilio Márquez   Adrián Pino   Lucía Hoyos  
Force Push (2013)
Director: Maximilian Weiland  
Actors: Steve Bethers   Alex Ho   Connor McCabe  
Freezing Vibration (2013)

Ever since the 10th NOVA clash, the Chevalier had concluded that the NOVA have been appearing at a steadier rate and the...

Actors: Mitsuhiro Ichiki   Kana Hanazawa   Marina Inoue  
Gaist Crusher (2013)
Actors: Makoto Furukawa   Yûichi Iguchi   Daiki Yamashita  
Genesis (2013)
Director: Joyce Bernal   Jun Lana   Mark A. Reyes  
Actors: Dingdong Dantes   Rhian Ramos   Lorna Tolentino  
Gundam Build Fighters (2013)
Actors: Yuuichi Nakamura   Yuuichi Nakamura   Sachi Kokuryu  
Half Life Lambda Protocol (2013)

Followed by the events of Half Life 1 and the midst of Half Life 2 , a resistance in City 4 prepares for their last stan...

Director: Tiberhan Ergür   Yigit Sakin  
Actors: Taner Tuncay   Nermin Koçak  
Improbabilia (2013)

For office worker Hal Norman, every day is the same and reality couldn't be more boring. When he loses his job and finds...

Actors: Steve MacDougall   David Straus  
Incidentals (2013)
Director: Ramon Govea  
Actors: Rene Rosado   Maggie Alexandra Suito   Cuyle Carvin  
Infinite Issues (2013)

Becca can't complain - she works at a comic shop, her best friend Tom is a comparable geek and she just maybe-sorta-coul...

Director: Jared Yanez  
Actors: Quinn Allan   Jacob Bean-Watson   Johnny Buell  
Joe Ciminera Presents (2013)

Joe Ciminera Present's is an American science fiction Anthology created by Joe Ciminera. Each episode is a mixture of se...

Director: Joseph Ciminera  
Actors: Michael Agiste   Robert Arensen   John Basedow  
Judge Dredd: Cursed Edge (2013)
Actors: Darren Carver   Jade Rambaut  
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