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616 (2014)

Jenna and her family are the guardians of an ancient quest to rid the world of evil. 6000 years ago, during a great batt...

A Teia (2014)
Director: Rogério Gomes  
Actors: Ângelo Antônio   João Miguel  
Amnesia (2014)
Actors: Jennie Kahn-Jacques  
Betrayal: Quietly Into the Night (2014)
Actors: Tiffany Stanley   Sheela Sharma  
Cinayet (2014)
Director: Serdar Akar  
Actors: Nurgül Yesilçay   Engin Altan Düzyatan   Ugur Polat  
Darlington Chronicles (2014)
Director: Stephen Anthony Bailey   JaySin Matlock  
Echo Chamber (2014)
Director: Rupert Wyatt  
El Príncipe (2014)

New police captain Morey arrives to Ceuta, a Spanish town on the North African coast surrounded by Moroccan territory, t...

En annan tid, Ett annat liv (2014)
Director: Kristian Petri  
Extant (2014)

An astronaut (Berry) returns home from a year long solo mission in space. She tries to reconnect with her husband and so...

L'Heure du Secret 2 (2014)
Director: Elena Hazanov  
Actors: Catherine Renaud   Frédéric Recrosio   Marie Druc  
Le passager (2014)
Director: Jérôme Cornuau  
Actors: Michaël Abiteboul   Jean-Hugues Anglade   Hocine Choutri  
Loonies (2014)
Director: Bruno Renat  
Actors: Catherine Franklin  
Luna (2014)

A supernatural based action-adventure turned political thriller begins when we follow the life a U.S. Army civil affairs...

Mammon (2014)
Actors: Robert Follin   Tim Treloar  
Mozu (2014)
Director: Eiichirô Hasumi  
Actors: Hidetoshi Nishijima   Teruyuki Kagawa   Yôko Maki  
Nowheresville (2014)
Director: John Darko   John R. Leonetti  
Parias (2014)

Involved, tyrannized, pursued or mistreated. What a life for Hunter, Frank, Clyde and Claire. This pariahs will soon hav...

Director: Raoul Dattola  
Actors: Gwendal Audrain   David Chiche   Raoul Dattola  
Prey (2014)
Director: Nick Murphy  
Actors: Rosie Cavaliero   Anastasia Hille   Craig Parkinson  
Princesa rota: Orígenes (2014)
Director: Fernando Corta  
Actors: Alvaro Gervilla   Marta Flich   Aïtana Novau  
RDM: La Serie (2014)
Director: Pablo Olewski  
Actors: Marcos Maras   Pablo Olewski   Bianca Kovacs  
Salem (2014)

Set in the volatile world of 17th century Massachusetts, 'Salem' explores what really fueled the town's infamous witch t...

Director: Richard Shepard  
Actors: Xander Berkeley   Shane West   Elise Eberle  
Sangre en el Diván (2014)
Director: Abraham Pulido  
Actors: Burbano   Thamara Aguilar   Marcela Mar  
Secrets & Lies (2014)
Director: Kate Dennis   Peter Salmon  
Actors: Martin Henderson   Anthony Hayes   Diana Glenn  
Stereovision (2014)

A heist thriller about a group of young guys called THE RAPTOR TECH team, who in earnest start a super high end resident...

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist (2014)
Director: Joey Ansah  
Actors: Joey Ansah   Christian Howard   Togo Igawa  
The Assets (2014)

Two veteran CIA officers Sandra Grimes and Jeanne Vertefeuille who hunted down CIA officer Aldrich Ames, a mole who fed ...

The Game (2014)
Actors: Jonathan Aris   Brian Cox   Shaun Dooley  
The Mars Shuttle Murders (2014)
Actors: Corin Nemec   Geraint Wyn Davies   Claudia Christian  
The Washingtons (2014)

A multi-cultural and dysfunctional family who are brought together after their father's mysterious death.

Those Who Kill (2014)
Actors: Nicholas Augusta   Josh Bartolovich   Robert Braund  
Vuelve Temprano (2014)
Director: Víctor Huerta  
2020 (2013)
Director: Wojciech Jezowski  
Afterzombies: The Webseries (2013)
Director: Guillermo Arribas Cobián  
Actors: Ricardo Reguera   Pau Roca   Alfonso Torregrosa  
Apoy sa dagat (2013)
Director: Nick Olanka   E.M. Reyes  
Actors: Angelica Panganiban   Angelica Panganiban   Angelica Panganiban  
Article 17 (2013)

Society as we know it has collapsed and the corrupt news media together with the politicians in government game the syst...

Director: John S. Daniels  
Assassinators (2013)
Director: Amrik Pabla  
Actors: Simone Leorin   Gregory Marks   Chris Mathews  
Babylon (2013)
Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel  
Banshee (2013)

Lucas Hood (Antony Starr), an ex-con and master thief assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff where he continues his ...

Bates Motel (2013)

A modern re-imagining and prequel to the movie _Psycho (1960)_ (qv). This story begins with the earlier years of a teena...

Behind Closed Eyes (2013)

Behind Closed Eyes is a suspenseful yet mysterious web-series based on a group of friends journey to gain back normality...

Actors: Andy Brown   Cory Haynes   Alen Kolenovic  
Between Heaven & Hell (2013)
Director: Daniel MacLean  
Actors: Daniel Anez   Austan Skidmore   Lec Zorn  
Black Diamond (2013)

A business deal that turns a man's life in a different direction... Charles and his long time girlfriend, Karen, are doi...

Director: Randy Vazquez  
Actors: Sean Gransden   Roberto Martinez   Randy Vazquez  
Blood (2013)

Rex Maganti was a regular teenage boy that loved mythical, unreal creatures. But, little did he know that ...

C.L.I.F. 2 (2013)
Director: Chong Liung Man  
Actors: Elvin Ng   Ping Hui Tay  
CAT. 8 (2013)

A research program abandoned by the best solar physicist when the Pentagon wanted to put it to military use has been res...

Director: Kevin Fair  
Campus de sombras (2013)
Director: Alfredo Gurrola  
Actors: Federico Ayos   Carlos Bleck   Michel López  
Changelings (2013)

A supernatural creep noir detective thriller short webseries. Supernaturals have walked amongst the living for millennia...

Crisis (2013)

Centers on an idealistic Secret Service agent who finds himself at the center of an international crisis on his first da...

Actors: Steve Stafford  
Danganronpa: Kibô no gakuen to zetsubô no kôkôsei - The animation (2013)

A group of 15 elite high school students are gathered at a very special, high class high school. To graduate from this h...

Director: Seiji Kishi  
Dugong Buhay (2013)
Director: Toto Natividad  
Actors: Ejay Falcon   Ejay Falcon   Arjo Atayde  
Déjà Vu Serie Web (2013)

Déjà Vu Web Series is a 12 episodes web series that tells the story of Sebastian, a young man who can see tragedies be...

Ecos (2013)
Director: Sebastián Elichiry   Fernando Szurman  
Actors: Guillermo Angelelli   Moro Anghilleri   Moro Anghilleri  
Empire of Gold (2013)
Director: Nam-kook Jo  
Actors: Soo Go   Yu-won Lee   Hyeon-joo Son  
Fourth Estate (2013)

"The Fourth Estate" is a television series, which addresses the clash between power and media, thus showing the many fac...

Director: Dimitar Kotzev   Stoyan Radev  
Actors: Atanass Atanassov   Samuel Finzi   Hristo Shopov  
Half Life Lambda Protocol (2013)

Followed by the events of Half Life 1 and the midst of Half Life 2 , a resistance in City 4 prepares for their last stan...

Director: Tiberhan Ergür   Yigit Sakin  
Actors: Taner Tuncay   Nermin Koçak  
Hard Case Crime (2013)
Director: Dennis Veldhuizen  
Actors: Dennis Veldhuizen   Sjoerd Plukkel   Sjoerd Plukkel  
Horror Haiku (2013)

Seraph Films invites you to search the darkest depths of your soul and share with us your... HAIKU! Yes, that's right, w...

Hostages (2013)

Dr. Ellen Sanders, a premiere surgeon, is thrust into a chilling political conspiracy when her family is taken hostage b...

Independence Year 4 Kidz (2013)
Director: Wendell Charles NeSmith  
Actors: Wendell Charles NeSmith  
Inkognito (2013)
Actors: Thomas Gjutarenäfve   Anton Lauren   Jessie Liu  
Insidious: Spectral Sightings (2013)
Director: Anthony Leonardi III  
Actors: Angus Sampson   Leigh Whannell   Lin Shaye  
Intervention (2013)

It is said that you can't choose your family and your friends are the family that you choose. Irene and Nicole are two v...

Actors: Clayton Hamburg   Jamie Fritz  
Intikam (2013)

"Intikam" is the Turkish version of the ABC TV series "Revenge". Yagmur Ozden moves to a yali (Bosphorus mansion) at a r...

Director: Mesude Erarslan  
Actors: Beren Saat   Nejat Isler   Engin Hepileri  
Kakambal ni Eliana (2013)

The story revolves around the life of Eliana, a girl who was born with a snake attached to her back. The reptile wraps i...

Director: Roderick Lindayag  
Actors: Kim Rodriguez   Kristofer Martin   Enzo Pineda  
Kakumeiki Valvrave (2013)
Director: Kou Matsuo  
Actors: Ryohei Kimura   Ryota Ohsaka   Asami Seto  
Karen Is Missing/Tale of Fray (2013)
Director: Meredith King  
Actors: Beauen Bogner   Laurie Kail   Jadeen Reyes  
Kimera Vol. 1 (2013)

In the unusually whimsical city of Desjardin, Kimera -- along with her troupe of friends -- work to uncover the truth co...

Director: Triston Milton  
Actors: Christopher Akim   Nicholi Ashland   Susan Chambers  
Koroshiya-san: The Hired Gun (2013)
Actors: Tôru Ohkawa   Takahiro Sakurai   Saki Fujita  
Krik sovy (2013)
Director: Oleg Pogodin  
Actors: Sergey Puskepalis   Andrey Merzlikin   Mariya Mironova  
Love & Lies (2013)

Navy officer, Edward Galvez lives a perfect life with his wife Cathy. As Cathy belonged to a wealthy family, her parents...

Director: Mark A. Reyes  
Actors: Richard Gutierrez   Bela Padilla   Michelle Madrigal  
Love, Guns, + War (2013)
Director: Brandan Zachery  
Actors: Antonio Reynolds   Th Turner   Frankie Barrios  
Love, Why Don't You Stay (2013)

Houston's inner loop is the backdrop of this multi-layered thriller about a man who falls in love with a mysterious woma...

Director: Mike James  
Actors: Keith Brimmer   Shawn Everiss   Max Xandaux  
M3ntal State (2013)
Actors: Andre Brust   Darren Marlar  
Mario (2013)
Director: Marcello Macchia  
Actors: Maurizio Lombardi   Maurizio Tabani  
Menh Lenh Lien Hoan (2013)
Director: Victor Vu  
Actors: Binh Minh   YaYa Truong Nhi  
Metástasis (2013)
Actors: Diego Trujillo  
Mistresses (2013)

A drama about the scandalous lives of a group of four girlfriends - each on her own path to self-discovery as they brave...

Director: John Scott  
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