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W5 (1966)
Actors: Peter Kent   Michael Maclear   Eric Malling  
W817 (1999)

This Flemish sitcom for a young audience, the title of which can be pronounced, when spelling each numeric digit and pre...

Actors: Kadèr Gürbüz   Britt van der Borght   Aagje Dom  
Wa Adet El-Quloub (2008)
Director: Amr Abdeen  
Actors: Mohamed Abdel Gawad   Futouh Ahmed   Ezzat El Alaili  
Waag je kans (1961)
Director: Etienne d'Hooghe  
Actors: Tony Corsari   Willy Lustenhouwer   Stan Philips  
Waaldrecht (1973)
Director: Zdenek Kraus   Joes Odufré   John Van de Rest  
Waarde landgenoten (1998)
Director: Geert Aillet   Valerie De Condé   Frank Devos   Johan Gevers   Hans Pannecoucke   Kris Spaepen  
Actors: Rani De Coninck   Luckas Vander Taelen   Gretl Van Ourti  
Waar is de Mol? (2008)
Director: John de Mol  
Actors: Frans Bauer   Peter R. de Vries   Lange Frans  
Waar vallen vrouwen voor (1998)
Actors: Kiki Classen  
Waar was u toen? (2007)
Actors: Rinat Dassayev   Pim Fortuyn   Theo van Gogh  
Waasa Inaabidaa: We Look in All Directions (2002)
Director: Lorraine Norrgard  
Actors: Winona LaDuke  
Wabanaagig (2007)
Director: Brian J. Francis  
WABC Channel 7 News (1965)
Actors: Lee Goldberg   Bill Ritter   Sade Baderinwa  
Wacaday (1985)
Actors: Timmy Mallett   Timmy Mallett   Michaela Strachan  
Wachale (2008)

Wachale is a weekly show hosted by Humberto Guida that uncovers the hilarity in Latino television and pop culture. For y...

Actors: Humberto Guida   Enrique Sapene   Roseny Carrero  
Wachten op Holland sport (2003)
Actors: Matthijs van Nieuwkerk   Wilfried de Jong  
Wacko (1977)
Actors: Bob Comfort   Doug Cox   Charles Fleischer  
Wacky and Packy (1975)
Director: Don Towsley  
Actors: Allan Melvin   Allan Melvin  
Wacky Races (1968)

The Wacky Races are a series of car competitions in which 11 racers race in locations throughout North America. The rule...

Wacky World of Sports (1985)
Director: Rasha Drachkovitch   Rich Zielinski  
Actors: Bob Uecker  
WAC! The World Animal Championships (2012)

WAC is animals battling it out for wildlife supremacy in the WAC-Arena. Covering many unique categories we scour the lan...

Director: Graeme Hattrick  
Actors: Amberley Lobo   Scott Tweedie   John McNeill  
Waffle (1998)
Director: David Kester   Tony Prescott  
Waffle Hut (2012)

After graduating from Brown University, Hope Danelles finds herself failing miserably trying to make a go of it in New Y...

Director: William Butler  
Actors: Sam Pancake  
Wafû sôhonke (2008)
Actors: Masako Ikeda  
WAGA Fox 5 Atlanta News at 10 PM (1977)
Actors: Marc Bailey   Marc Bailey   Morse Diggs  
Waga seishun no Arcadia: Mugen kidô SSX (1982)

When Aliens conquer earth and enslave the human race, all hope for freedom is abandoned. But one man will not give up. C...

Director: Tomoharu Katsumata   Masamitsu Sasaki  
Actors: Makio Inoue   Kei Tomiyama  
Wagaya no oinari sama. (2008)
Director: Matsuo Asami   Fujiaki Asari   Shigeki Hatakeyama   Yoshiaki Iwasaki   Hiromichi Matano   Mitsutaka Noshitani   Masahiro Okamura   Yoshinobu Tokumoto   Shinji Ushiro   Odahiro Watanabe  
Wagaya no rekishi (2010)
Director: Keita Kono  
Actors: Seishirô Katô   Jun Matsumoto   Toshiyuki Nishida  
Wagen 106 (1983)
Actors: Gerda-Maria Jürgens  
Wager (2001)
Actors: Tanya Strecker  
Wagh el qamar (2000)
Director: Adel El Aassar  
Actors: Faten Hamama   Gamil Ratib   Ghada Adel  
'Wag kukurap (2004)
Actors: Dingdong Dantes  
Wagle Ki Duniya (1988)
Actors: Shah Rukh Khan   Anjan Srivastav   Bharati Achrekar  
WAG Nation (2012)

WAG NATION follows the lives of five wives and girlfriends of some of Australia's most famous sporting stars. The show t...

Actors: Terry Biviano   Lynette Bolton   Jana Peterson  
Wagner (1983)

A huge panorama of Wagner's life and work, from before the 1848 Revolution, through his exile in Switzerland, his rescue...

Actors: Gwyneth Jones   Peter Hofmann   Joan Greenwood  
Wagon Train (1957)

Stories of the journeys of a wagon train as it leaves post-Civil War Missouri on its way to California through the plain...

Director: William Witney  
Wah² (1993)
Director: Oliver Brand   Rocco Clein   Karl Koch   Mark Sikora  
Wahlburgers (2014)
Actors: Johnny Alves   Henry Laun   Paul Wahlberg  
Wahlkampfgeschichten (2013)
Director: Julia Driesen  
Wahnsinnsweiber (2001)
Director: Cornelia Grünberg   Hans Schönherr  
Actors: Arne Eickenberg   René Ifrah   Heinz Simon Keller  
Wahre Freunde (2006)
Director: Peter Nagy  
Actors: Christian Clerici   Georg Danzer   Manuel Ortega  
Wa(h)re Liebe (1993)
Actors: Beatrice-Viviana Peters  
Wahre Wunder (1991)
Actors: Holger Kriechel   Christopher Lee   Dietmar Schönherr  
Wahr oder unwahr? (1997)
Actors: Jörg Pilawa  
Waido na shô (2013)
Director: Makoto Takeuchi  
Wail of the Banshee (1992)
Director: Brian Lighthill  
Wainy Days (2007)

From the creative mind that brought you "Role Models", "Wanderlust", "The State" and "Wet Hot American Summer" comes "Wa...

Actors: Richard Jones   Laura Flanagan  
Wait for Me in Sydney (2005)
Director: David Zhu  
Actors: Clare Griggs   Emma Leonard  
Waiting for God (1990)

When Tom Ballard moves to Bayview Retirement Vilage, he meets Diana Trent, a feisty old woman who complains about everyt...

Waiting for the Break (1950)

The understudies and chorus people from current Broadway plays performed songs and scenes from the plays they were appea...

Actors: Hank Ladd  
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (1972)

Harry Boyle, a mostly conservative businessman, has a son, Chet, and a daughter Alice. Chet is a hippie and Alice is sex...

Wait 'Til You Have Kids!! (1996)

In "Wait 'Til You Have Kids!!," three teams of married couples were asked questions about raising children and what they...

Director: Randall Neece  
Actors: Tom Parks   Burton Richardson   Ellen Winters  
Wai! Wai! Wai! (2003)
Actors: Ryûji Akiyama   Yûji Ayabe   Hiroyuki Baba  
Wakaba (2004)
Actors: Takashi Naitô   Hiromi Sakimoto   Natsuki Harada  
Wakaba no koro (1996)
Actors: Kôichi Dômoto   Tsuyoshi Dômoto   Kenji Kohashi  
Waka Huia (1992)
Actors: Kingi Ihaka   John Turei   Te Kauhoe Wano  
Wakai nikki (1954)
Actors: Kyosuke Aihara   Kyôko Satomi  
Wakakusa monogatari nan to Jô sensei (1993)

Based on the timeless "Little Men" by Louisa May Alcott, Jo March has married the German Professor Fritz Bhaer and has n...

Director: Kôzô Kusuba  
Actors: Yôsuke Akimoto   Takkô Ishimori   Nobutoshi Kanna  
Wakakusa monogatari yori wakakusa no yonshimai (1981)
Director: Kazuya Miyazaki  
Actors: Chiyoko Kawashima   Mami Koyama   Yûko Takagi  
Wakakusa no Shârotto (1977)
Director: Eiji Okabe  
Actors: Keiko Yokozawa   Osamu Katô   Kazue Komiya  
Wakamono no subete (1994)
Actors: Masato Hagiwara   Takuya Kimura   Shinji Takeda  
Wakaretara sukina hito (1999)
Actors: Keizô Kanie   Hideyuki Nakayama   Yuki Saitô  
Wak chu choi hong (1984)
Actors: Bing Hei Chim   Paul Chun   Ching Wan Lau  
Wake Me Up TV Show (2014)
Director: Dexter Clay  
Actors: Anthony Anderson   Landon Anderson   Eddie Bauer Jr.  
Wake, Rattle & Roll (1990)
Director: Ray Patterson   Doug Rogers   Steven J. Santos  
Actors: R.J. Williams   Terri Ivens  
Wake Up Australia (2013)
Director: James Mathieson  
Actors: AJ Bertolotti   Simon Monjack   Julia Davis  
Wake Up, Girls! (2014)

Green Leaves Entertainment is a tiny production company on the verge of going out of business. The president Tange hatch...

Actors: Airi Nagano   Kaya Okuno   Minami Tanaka  
Wake Up in the Wild Room (1996)
Director: Peter Leslie  
Actors: Dave Benson Phillips  
Wake Up, It's Tuesday! (2010)

In this hysterical web series satire of a local Texas morning show, hosts Janice Dempsey, a former first-class flight at...

Wake Up! Plus (2005)
Actors: Jirô Shimbô   Atsuko Toraya   Kimio Iwata  
Wake Up with Al (2009)
Director: Joshua Locklair  
Wakey Wakey Campers! (2005)
Actors: Stan Boardman   Roy Hudd   Tom O'Connor  
Wakfu (2008)
Director: Anthony Roux  
Actors: Dorothée Pousséo  
Waking the Dead (2000)

Det. Supt. Peter Boyd (played by Trevor Eve) is the leader of a multi-discipline police team of detectives and scientist...

Wakkaville (2010)
Director: Paul Western-Pittard  
Wakko no kin medaru (1989)
Director: Heihachirô Kobayashi   Shinichi Kobayashi  
Actors: Azusa Watanabe  
Waktu Rehat (2010)
Actors: Elfira Loy  
Wakusei robo Dangard A (1977)
Actors: Akira Kamiya  
Waku waku (1989)

Waku waku is the Dutch version of a Japanese game-show format (hence the name, unintelligible in Dutch or other Western ...

Actors: Rob Fruithof   Sybrand Niessen   Paula Udondek  
Waku waku (1998)
Actors: Héctor Larrea  
Walang hanggan (2003)
Actors: Andrew Schimmer   Miko Sotto   Oyo Boy Sotto  
Walang kapalit (2007)
Director: Wenn V. Deramas  
Actors: Claudine Barretto   Piolo Pascual  
Walang tulugan with the Master Showman (1997)
Director: Buddy Daliwan  
Actors: German Moreno   John Nite   Hideaki Torio  
Waldhaus (1987)
Director: Uli Edel   Sigi Rothemund  
Actors: Adelheid Arndt   Walter Fitz  
Waldheimat (1983)
Director: Wolf Dietrich  
Actors: Chlodwig Haslebner  
Waldo's Way (1996)
Director: Jean-Pierre Jacquet  
Actors: Michael Dobson  
Wales This Week (1982)
Actors: Helen Callaghan  
Wales Today (1962)
Actors: Derek Brockway   Huw Edwards   Sara Edwards  
Wales Tonight (1968)
Actors: Jonathan Hill  
WALF: We All Love Football (2010)

Boubacar Bejaga from Kamerun is a professional football player for 10 years. Every year a different club, a different co...

Director: Dennis Albrecht  
Actors: Eugene Soel Boateng   Stefan Buschendorf   Till Demtrøder  
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