24/604 (2013) - Watch Online.

Country Canada
Language English
Plot Have you ever wanted to test your culinary palate, but didn't know where to go? Get more active and adventurous but weren't quite sure where to sign up? Or find a great place for a night out, but had no idea which places had the vibe you were looking for? Like the friend you would call to find out, 24/604 is a New Vancouver lifestyle show that will take you around our city to show you just where to go. Guided by our Host Angelina Rai, we will provide you with what you need to know to get out and explore those places that you didn't know and have always wanted to try. If you're wondering what living in a natural playground would be like, you would be living here on the West Coast. Our fit & fun host Stephanie Florian gets the exciting job of introducing the viewers to the many activities, leagues, and sports out there to help open the door to these amazing adventures. From the extreme to the social and recreational, each will provide a new way to enjoy life. Our city is also a haven for some of the best food in the world. Through growing up in and traveling to countries all around the world, our Food Host Momona Komagata will take our viewers inside the restaurant. From food carts popping up, to kitchens with world renowned chefs and the secrets of a family owned business, each will introduce us to an amazing culinary experience. The Night Life of a City is the pulse of it, and by covering some of the great places people can go for a night out, whether it's a club with the best hip hop night, one of the summers many night markets, a free outdoor movie night, or a comedy club with a great Improv group, our Night Life Host Christina Meng has the energy to bring you along for a fun night out. Finally, With all of the coverage we are doing to show our viewers the many things out there, just how do we know what they are looking for? Our Streeter Host Levi Hildenbrand takes his acting chops and infectious personality to the streets to talk with the public, asking them various questions and bringing their opinions, energy, and excitement to our viewers.... search for 24/604 on IMDb

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