A Child's Cunning (1907) - Watch Online.

Genres Drama     Short    
Country France
Language French
Plot The home scene shows a pot of molten metal on the stove, a set of molds and other paraphernalia of a counterfeiter. The husband is busy filling the molds, while the wife and daughter are engaged in polishing. Presently the various appliances are secreted about the room, and the daughter is given a new, bright coin, and told to take care of the house while the parents go out to make some necessary purchases. In some instances the coin is refused, and in others accepted and the change returned. We leave them making purchases, and return to the house, where the girl finally takes her jumping rope and goes out to play. As she comes to the play grounds she finds a woman and child there begging. Hurrying back home, she gets the coin given to her and gives it to the woman, who starts off with it to the nearest store. Here the coin is refused and the woman reported. She leads the officer to her youthful benefactress. The officer now takes the girl to the station, where she is closely questioned, but divulges only the information that she picked it up on the ground. The officer discharges her, but a secret service man is seen to follow at a distance and note well the house she enters. Waiting in the hallway the girl waylays the baker boy, and takes him into their room, where she packs into his basket the contraband apparatus, and covering it with a large towel starts the boy off with instructions as to the disposition. The lad gets away without trouble, and really does not know the nature of the goods he is taking with him. Directly the parents return, and they are followed by a number of officers, who promptly search the house. The parents are very excited, and at the same time nonplussed, because they cannot understand what has become of the outfit they left secreted in the house. The representatives of the law are beaten and obliged to return without the find they anticipated making. When the officers are out of the room the parents fondly caress their little daughter, who by her cunning has saved them from years of penal servitude. They now resolve to make an honest living.... search for A Child's Cunning on IMDb

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