A Daughter's Honesty (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Drama     Short    
Country France
Language French
Plot The interior of a poverty-stricken home where the landlord comes and evicts an old man and his wife and daughter because they are unable to pay the rent. We next see the man seated by the roadside breaking stones for a living and his kind-hearted daughter bringing him his lunch. A wealthy man happens by on horseback and drops his wallet, and the poor laborer, discovering it, hastens to the spot and picks it up and hurries home to inform his wife of his lucky find. In the next picture we see the girl, selling flowers, come to a house where a lady is seated on a bench outside, and is kind enough to purchase the bouquet. At that moment the horseback rider, who is the young lady's father, comes upon the scene and when he tries to pay the flower girl, he discovers that he has lost his money. The generous girl leaves the flowers, however, and returns to her home. Upon entering, her father tells her of his luck and she immediately informs him that she knows the identity of the loser and requests the parent to give her the wallet to return it to its owner, but he will not listen to such reason. To make sure that he can keep it he goes to a remote part of the woods and buries the purse under a tree. The daughter follows him, waits her opportunity, and when her father has gone, she digs it up, and hastens to return the money to its owner. When the old man goes to the hiding place he discovers that someone has taken his treasure. He becomes enraged and immediately suspects his daughter. He returns to the cottage and berates her, and when she confesses, he grabs her throat and would strangle her, but the mother steps in between them. At that moment the owner of the purse walks in and presents the father with its contents as a reward for his daughter's honesty. Upon receiving it the old man is repentant and falls on his knees, begging the daughter's pardon for his brutality.... search for A Daughter's Honesty on IMDb

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