A Good Boy (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Comedy     Short    
Country USA
Language English
Plot A poor old Irish woman is seen washing clothes at a tub while her husband is asleep at a table. An empty can and a half-filled glass tells the story; he is drunk. Their son, a boy of perhaps fourteen, returns from school, his books under his arm. He glances at his father, observes his condition and shakes his fist at him, looking pityingly at his mother, takes her from the tub and seats her in a chair. He removes the beer can and glass and starts to work at the tab himself. The drunken father awakens, notices that the can and glass are missing and slaps the boy's face. He is about to strike him again when the little lad breaks away, upsets the tub of water over his father and slips out. In the window of a hat store on a crowded street a sign, "Boy Wanted," is displayed. The boy of our first scene appears, applies for the job and is engaged. He is immediately dispatched with a number of hat boxes and directed as to their various addresses. He starts off, and at a crowded corner sees a very old woman make several attempts to cross the street. The crowd surges forward and backward, cars innumerable pass, and the old lady is perplexed. Our boy notices her predicament, crosses the street and guides her safely over. On a side street the same little lad notices a baby playing in the roadway. A "hook" from an approaching automobile causes him to turn, and he sees that the machine is heading directly for the little one. He reaches forward, snatches the child up just as the machine dashes past. Still another adventure befalls him. Passing through a park a girl is seated on a bench reading. A flashily dressed masher strolls along, notices her, takes a seat beside her and attempts to flirt. His attentions are repulsed, but he still keeps up his annoying tactics until our little champion takes matters in hand and gives the masher a good beating. The day has been one of successive adventures. He returns home, finds his father sobered up and doing the washing, while his mother is busy ironing. The boy turns his money over to his mother and both parents gaze at him with pride, and our picture closes with a changed condition; a happy family instead of one in which turmoil reigns supreme.... search for A Good Boy on IMDb

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