A Race for Millions (1907) - Watch Online.

Genres Short     Thriller    
Country USA
Language English
Plot A miner's cabin in the mountains. Mines don't pan out, Gambler offers money for the hand of daughter. The insult. The stranger appears. The blow. Girl shows stranger to main road. They part. Stranger shot by gambler in ambush. Gambler escapes. Girl finds stranger wounded. She bring him on her horse to cabin. Miner leaves. Gambler enters. He locks the door. The kiss. The stranger to the rescue. The fight. Gambler thrown through the window. Wounded stranger falls in arms of girl. Miner on the mountains. He finds a gold mine. Washing the gold. He is overcome with joy. Gambler discovers his find. Girl finds her father. He recovers. They go to stake off claim. Gambler has been there first. They realize his intentions. Minutes mean millions now. Girl reaches main road as gambler mounts his horse. Race to record mine. Gambler reaches railroad station. Conductor bribed. Train pulls out ahead of time. Girl arrives too late. All hopes lost. Stranger arrives in his automobile. Learns the truth. Girl leaps into auto. Off after the train. Girl wins. Mine is recorded. Gambler arrives. Warns stranger to leave town or be shot. Interior of Recorder's office. The girl pleads to "Her Stranger" to save himself. He refuses even for her. The fond good-bye. He goes to meet his fate. Night in a Western town. Streets deserted. Gambler and stranger seeking each other. They meet. Two shots. Gambler falls. The suspense is over. The girl appears. Finds "Her Stranger" alive. He holds her in his arms. She has won something more than millions now.... search for A Race for Millions on IMDb

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