A Restful Ride (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Comedy     Short    
Country France
Language French
Plot This Gaumont subject opens with a livery yard; several grooms are standing together. A timid looking man enters with the purpose of hiring a mount. The grooms glance at the amateur equestrian and exchange knowing glances. A fine-looking animal is led from the stable, very quiet and docile looking. It is easy to imagine the conversation: "Is he quiet?" "Quiet, sir! Lor' bless yer! Quiet as a lamb, sir." A leg up and he is off. Then the fun begins. The quiet lamb turns out to be a thorough jibber and buck jumper. The first experience is as he nears a rag picker's cart, he is thrown into this and his weight causes the front end to tip up, bringing the woman who is trying to draw it up into the air and back over the can. She gives the man a few handcuffs and he remounts and rides on, when he is thrown over one of a team of van horses and manages to keep from under their feet only by clinging to the pole, from which he is rescued by a pedestrian. Next he is thrown into the display stock of a crockery store, and after settling for the damages is allowed to depart. A paper picker with large bags tied to his back is the next obstacle, then follows a painter's scaffold, where the latter is precipitated to the ground and a can of paint spilled, for which the unfortunate receives a severe pummeling. Thrown through the window of a passing bus, he meets a like reception. Af the fruit market the horse gets balky and knocks over various stalls and supports before the rider is dislodged. He is unmercifully pelted with fruit A batch of mortar being prepared, is scattered in all directions, as he falls flat upon his back in the center of it. Finally he is thrown to the ground and rolls down the side of a hill into the river, from which he is rescued, but when he again tries to mount the horse he shies, and he is obliged to desist from further efforts. The poor victim of his caprice, with clothes torn and tattered, face begrimed, with haggard, nervous expression, is a striking figure indeed, as he trudges back to the stables leading the horse.... search for A Restful Ride on IMDb

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