A Romance of the Fur Country (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Drama     Short    
Country USA
Language English
Plot "Pierre," a French Canadian trapper, is trading furs with Cohen, a furrier at the trading post. A drunken half-breed, who has gotten into a row with an Indian friend of Pierre's, vows to get even with the trapper for his interference. Pierre receives a considerable sum of gold for his furs, which arouses all the thievish instincts of the half-breed. The Canadian, unaware of the plans of his foe, starts across the snow fields for his cabin, the half-breed following his tracks. Arriving home he greets his wife, a pretty half-breed girl, and gives her the gold, which she conceals in a bunk. Pierre, now fastens on his snow shoes and with his traps and sled starts on his long, cold journey to his trapping ground. The half-breed has been watching everything through the window. The trapper is only gone an instant when the other enters and pleads hunger. The wife who is in terror gives him food and tries to place the money unobserved in another place. Hearing the click of gold he suddenly turns and with a fierce oath demands the money. A desperate struggle now ensues in which the wife is left for dead. The half-breed leaves. The Indian now arrives and succeeds in restoring the wife to consciousness. She tells him what happened and he starts off to inform her husband. Pierre sits on his sled, by a frozen stream, when the Indian staggers up with the news. They, now start on a hunt for the rascal and finally locate him in the forest, where they battle until their ammunition is exhausted. Pierre knocks him senseless with the butt of his gun and after tying him they drive him over the snow to the cabin. Pierre now tears open the coat of the thief and restores the money to his wife, at the same time ordering the Indian to cut his bonds. The moment he is released he picks up a knife and is about to stab the trapper in the back, when the Indian with a quick movement draws his knife and plunges it into the half-breed, who dies cursing the others. Pierre now with a prayer for his enemy enfolds his wife in his arms.... search for A Romance of the Fur Country on IMDb

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