A Sculptor's Welsh Rabbit Dream (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Short    
Country USA
Language English
Plot A Sculptor's Studio: The sculptor is cooking a Welsh rarebit. A gas collector arrives and demands payment of his bill. Unable to obtain the same, the gas is turned off. An army officer calls and demands the delivery of three life size busts, which he had ordered some time previous. The sculptor, having no light with which to work, is in despair. He lights a candle. Going to a curtained alcove, he reveals his masterpiece "The Lady of Marble." Bidding the figure good night, he goes to a couch and sleeps. Arising from the couch, he takes one of his small busts and leaves. An Antique Art Store: The sculptor tries to sell the bust. He finally succeeds in exchanging it for an old brass lamp. The sculptor returns to his studio and proceeds to clean the lamp, when in a cloud of smoke "The Genii of the Lamp" appears ready to grant any wishes of the sculptor. He asks for light; it is given. He next wishes his masterpiece brought to life and "The Lady of Marble" steps down from her pedestal. He looks for the genii but he has disappeared. It occurs to him to have the genii make the three busts for him and rubs the lamp. He appears; in amazement he sees the clay slowly mould itself into shape. First Washington, then Lincoln, then Roosevelt, all complete. The genie again disappears. The sculptor after the remarkable work has been done makes love to "The Lady of Marble." In her efforts to escape him, she upsets the lamp and the genie appears and forces her back to her pedestal. The sculptor on seeing his masterpiece returned to its inanimate form, collapses on the steps before it. The scene is changed and the sculptor falls off his couch and awakening, realizes it was all a dream. He vows never again to eat a "Welsh Rabbit."... search for A Sculptor's Welsh Rabbit Dream on IMDb

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