A Volunteer's Betrothal (1907) - Watch Online.

Genres Drama     Short    
Country France
Language French
Plot The parlor scene furnishing the opening of this subject speaks of splendor and furnishes the setting for mother, daughter and a handsome young man. The man is a volunteer in the army and must go out to service on the battlefield, but before he goes he has come to say farewell to his betrothed. Out on the veranda the mother and daughter wave farewell, and as the man turns the corner of the building the mother supports the sobbing form of her daughter and they soon pass in. The next morning the soldiers are off and we soon see our hero stationed as guard. Soon he espies the enemy creeping up, and discharging his weapon at the foremost of the advancing force he runs back to the next guard. A running fight is kept up, and we soon see the diminishing number of soldiers take refuge in a building close by. A barricade is built, and while our hero stations himself at the door others are building barricades at the window and the little group of soldiers are making a valiant fight. However, the place is shelled and soon the men are all killed but our hero, who is still guarding an entrance, and he is fighting hard against a number of the enemy trying to force an entrance. While thus engaged he is attacked by an officer of the enemy, who, with his saber, strikes him down from behind. Dropping to the floor he calls upon his slayer to deliver for him a message, which he consents to do, but before the other can take down the dying words he receives a ring from him and then the latter expires. Left to himself the captain is stricken with remorse at having killed this valiant man, but such is the lot of a soldier. We next see the captain out on the battlefield, where, with others, he has been wounded. Raising himself on one arm he calls for help, and the members of the Red Cross order hurry to him and, placing him upon a stretcher, carry him to the nearest house. They soon secure permission to bring the man inside, and mother and daughter, the familiar figures in our opening scene, are seen coming out to look at the soldier. The soldier is put to bed and, after an examination by the doctor, remedies are prescribed. The mother and daughter change watch, the latter assuming her station at the head of the bed of the sleeping captain. When he comes to it is with a start, and he asks for his coat, which is brought to him, and then he proceeds to tell the story of how he killed the valiant young soldier and the latter's dying request. He then gives the young lady the ring entrusted to him. She immediately recognizes her betrothed, and scarcely able to retain her grief she questions him closely that there may be no mistake. She at once determines vengeance, and going forward takes up the saber of the captain, but no, she cannot do this, and drops it on the floor. The man is now begging for relief, and with set teeth she prepares a draught for him and advancing with her back towards the wounded man she hands him the cup, and after partaking thereof he drops back dead.... search for A Volunteer's Betrothal on IMDb

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