A Wife's Devotion (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Drama     Short    
Country USA
Language English
Plot The opening scene of this exceedingly interesting picture shows a disreputable looking tramp begging at the home of a workingman. The wife gives him a slice of bread, which he throws away when the women re-enters the house. The landlord calls for his rent, receives it, and departs after having complimented his tenants on their fine baby. The tramp has loitered outside and as the landlord comes out, counting his money, sets upon him and stabs him to death, pushing the body down the cellar steps. He wipes his hands on a pair of overalls belonging to the workingman and unconsciously leaves an imprint of his own hand on the side of the house. The husband leaves for his workshop, not knowing that murder has been committed on his premises. During his absence the crime is discovered, and we see policemen and bystanders longing around the body of the dead man. Great excitement prevails, and suspicion naturally points to the carpenter. His wife protests his innocence, but the detectives with a neighbor repair to his shop and arrest the innocent man. He is taken home, confronted with the body, bloody overalls and towel. He stoutly asserts his innocence, but is believed by nobody except his wife. He is taken to prison and there visited by his trusting wife; who assures him of her belief in his innocence. She remembers the beggar who was hanging around on that fatal day, and believes him guilty, and starts about to locate him. At a country fair which the woman visits she scans every face until she finally sees the real murderer; flirts with him and by a clever subterfuge secures an imprint of his hand, which is an exact counterpart of the one she has already taken from the bloodstains on the building. She is almost overcome by the discovery, but manages to carry out her design. She acts very coquettishly, drinks with him and after signaling to an officer to follow them, departs with her companion. We follow them to a poorly furnished room. The woman coaxes the man to drink and gets him intoxicated. She then proceeds to search the room; finds some papers belonging to the landlord and also the knife with which he was murdered. The man arouses himself from his stupor and endeavors to rise. The woman hits him with a bottle, rushes to the door and calls the policemen, who come in and arrest the real culprit. Returning to the unfortunate husband, we see the prison officials leading him through the yard to the gallows. A guard rushes up. Informing the warden that the prisoner's wife is at the gate with the pardon, she enters with a detective, shows the papers exonerating her husband, and he is quickly released, his innocence clearly established.... search for A Wife's Devotion on IMDb

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