After Midnight; or, A Burglar's Daughter (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Drama     Short    
Country USA
Language English
Plot An attractive and neatly dressed woman, in crossing the street, slips on the ice and falls directly in the path of a fast approaching automobile. A gentleman dashes into the street, and, at the risk of his own life, rescues the girl. He modestly accepts the thanks of the lady, as well as the compliments of the onlookers, and gets away quickly, the woman watching his departure with gratitude, almost love, in her eyes. The next scene is the interior of a comfortably furnished home. Two men are in earnest conversation; one, middle-aged, with hard but intelligent face; his companion, younger and more cunning than intellectual. They are burglars. The door opens, the girl of our first scene enters, greets the older gentleman cordially, and tells of her accident and rescue. This over, she is told of a plan to rob a house that night, and is informed that hers is the lot to burglarize it. A gentleman and his wife are at home; he at the table, writing; she reading a book. The time has passed so rapidly that before they realize it, it is "after midnight." The woman kisses her husband "good-night" and retires, leaving him to finish his work. He writes for a while, yawns, glances at the conch longingly, decides to rest for a few minutes, and turns off the light. Before he is scarcely settled a light from a dark lantern is seen at the window, then inside the room and at the safe. The man on the couch jumps up, switches on the light; the master of the house and the burglar stand face to face. The unwelcome visitor proves to be the girl whose life bad been saved in our opening scene, and the man about to be robbed is the rescuer. His face expresses astonishment and reproach; hers, shame and fright. He looks at her calmly for a moment, then comes toward her, talks kindly and promises to let her go unmolested if she will forsake her evil ways. He opens the door, she is about to depart, when his wife, attracted by the noise, enters the room, and. woman-like, misunderstanding the situation, believes her husband unfaithful. Meanwhile, a policeman, in passing, has noticed a ladder standing under the window. He mounts it, reaches the room just as the gentleman is trying to square matters with his wife. Further explanation, he realizes, will betray the girl. His wife indignantly refuses to wait, and is just about to leave him when the girl comes forward and confesses her guilt. All efforts to secure release from the officer fall, and he departs with his prisoner. The final scene is at the jail, where the girl has paid the penalty of her wrong-doing and is given her freedom. She bids the warden good bye, and with the man and wife whose house she was about to rob, rides off in their automobile.... search for After Midnight; or, A Burglar's Daughter on IMDb

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