American Soldiers Defeating Filipinos Near Manila (1899) - Watch Online.

Genres Short     War    
Country USA
Plot "Think of a war picture 400 feet long. A few months ago this was considered out of the question, but it remained for us to produce a life motion picture of the American soldiers and the half-wild Philippinos in active battle. The high bridge and stone wall behind which so many were killed or wounded, is seen in the distance, and after a stubborn resistance, 'our boys' vanquished their foes, and climbing down from the top of the wall, proceed to deal a deadly fire on the semi-dressed savages, who scatter in all directions. Indeed, so startling is the action, that audiences have been moved to shout aloud and some stand in dread of a stray bullet that might come their way. All that is lacking in this film is sound, that can easily be produced artifically by means of a drum or similar contrivance. This is not along the most realistic and foreful war subject, but it is the longest film of the war thus far produced."... search for American Soldiers Defeating Filipinos Near Manila on IMDb

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