An Eastern Cyclone at Bluff Ranch (1913) - Watch Online.

Genres Comedy     Short     Western    
Country USA
Language English
Plot Miss Bluff, boss of the ranch owned by herself and her brother, undergoes a series of interesting and humorous adventures at the ranch in which her younger brother gets mixed through his efforts to pacify the cowboys for her abuse of them. Miss Bluff decides that the ranch offers far too small a career for her brother, however, and sends him to the city to school. The welfare of this brother is her only care. Bluff, on his arrival from the country, speedily assimilates city ways, but fails to lose his country chivalry. When he sees a drunken man attempt to force attentions upon a charming young lady he interferes. The drunken man is vanquished with ease, due to Bluff's magnificent physique and he advises the young lady to learn boxing that she may protect herself in the future from insulting persons. An introduction to the lady's parents follows the encounter and Bluff becomes a regular caller at her home. Meanwhile Miss Bluff consoles herself with Perona. The young lady's father gets her a boxing instructor. She proves an apt pupil, for after a few lessons she defeats her instructor. Brimming with roguishness, she assaults her father with a glove, and he engages her in a match. She quickly puts him to scorn. Before she has time to remove her gloves Bluff calls on her. A love scene and the plighting of their troth follow. Bluff experiencing some difficulty in fitting the ring over the gloves. Bluff writes his sister that he is bringing back a present which will delight her beyond measure. She dances wildly at the news, but when he brings home a wife she is disgusted and angry to such an extent that she abuses her partner in the Perona episodes, the negro wench. Bluff and his bride try expedients to escape from her continual surveillance, but Miss Bluff is always on hand and working when there are any honeymoon activities in progress. Bluff must be gone all day on business one day soon after they have arrived, and his wife weeps at the mere thought of being left alone with his sister. This is justified in a short time by the action of Miss Bluff in locking the new Mrs. Bluff into a dark closet. Miss Bluff then inaugurates a round of Perona oblations and invites guests for a dance that evening. Mrs. Bluff tries to get out of the closet for a long time, but when the cowboys and girls arrive and are ready to dance, she can stand it no longer. By a great effort she breaks down the door of the closet and rushes forth just in time to see her husband arrive. Miss Bluff is dancing at a great rate to the enjoyment of the guests when Mrs. Bluff enters and begins a repetition of her fistic triumph over her boxing instructor. Her husband interferes and finally succeeds in restraining her; but not before Miss Bluff has been whipped so thoroughly that life will hereafter be bearable for Mr. and Mrs. Bluff, at Bluff ranch and the cyclone having tamed the western whirlwind.... search for An Eastern Cyclone at Bluff Ranch on IMDb

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