An Episode of the Paris Commune (1907) - Watch Online.

Genres Drama     Short    
Country France
Language French
Plot A touching illustration of the loyalty of purpose as conceived by a youth in France. The opening scene is that of the kitchen and living room of a French widow. Seated at the table eating his breakfast is her only son. At this moment a detachment of soldiers passes the door, and the boy jumps to his feet and takes up a bottle of milk, the delivery of which he assumes as the cause for his sudden departure. The anxious mother watches her son until a bend in the road takes him from view. The next scene shows the efforts of a number of men building a barricade in the street to resist an attack by the soldiers. The men order him back to his home, but pushing his way forward, he passes through the incomplete fortifications and runs down the street until at a corner of an intersecting street he comes upon another group of men, who are fleeing from the soldiers and shooting as they run. Several of the men are killed and lie out in the street, and the remnant run for the protection of the barricade and the assistance awaiting them there. Our young hero is now with these men. The soldiers close upon them, fire a volley, and the boy now picks up the gun of a fallen man and is about to shoot when the soldiers vault the barricade and with another volley kill almost the entire number. The gun is knocked from his hands by an officer and he is about to be shot to death when he pleads to be permitted to return the bottle of milk and say farewell to his mother. This is granted, and we see in the next scene the pale faced boy entering his home and taking an affectionate leave. Walking backwards out of the room, he throws a kiss to his mother, and then darts back to the last scene of action. As he reaches there the last of the rioters is standing up against the wall with bared chest and shot to death. As the man falls the boy jumps quickly to his place, and the officer orders the men to take aim, but before the command to fire is given his mother rushes to the front, and with her form shields the boy. The officer orders the soldiers to rest their arms, and now the mother on her knees beseeches the officers to spare the life of her son and only comfort. Her plea is granted, and as mother and son embrace and walk away the officers ruefully shake their heads as they contemplate the misguided but noble sacrifice of the boy for principle.... search for An Episode of the Paris Commune on IMDb

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