An Indian's Friendship (1907) - Watch Online.

Genres Short     Western    
Country USA
Language English
Plot While the cowboys are entertaining themselves an Indian enters almost exhausted. He asks for a drink, which is gladly given. While the cowboys and girls enjoy themselves, Jack, the cowboy, and James, the greaser, step out-doors, apparently waiting for somebody. Two young ladies arrive on horseback, dismount, and together with the cowboys, enter the dance hall. Jack and James ask for the first dance. The beautiful cowboy queen seems to favor Jack. This incites the jealousy of James, the greaser, who draws his knife, as if to stab Jack. The cowboy queen interferes and proposes a horseback race between the two rival suitors for her hand. The race for the girl's hand is a very fast one. Jack, the cowboy is victorious, and is heartily received by the cowboy queen. All go inside, except James, the greaser, and his friend Jim, who conspire to kidnap the cowboy queen, which plan is carried out at once. They overpower the girl, place her on horseback and ride off. After a long, tedious ride, James, the greaser carries the exhausted girl into the thick of the bushes. Jim, his pal, rides ahead with both the horses, so as to mislead the pursuers. The absence of the cowboy queen is soon noticed. There is great excitement in camp. All start out to hunt for the missing girl. The Indian who just arrived on horseback jumps off his horse and trails after the fleeing criminals. The cowboys, guided by the Indian, have closed in on Jim. He is pursued and shot off his horse. After the Indian made sure that the greaser was dead he pursued the trail, which leads to the other villain's hiding place. As soon as James, the greaser, sees that his hiding place is discovered, he attacks the Indian, and a terrible fight ensues. At last James, the greaser, is killed, but not before the Indian received a deadly stab wound. The Indian helps the cowboy queen upon his horse and brings her triumphantly; back to camp, where he is thanked most heartily by the men and women. Exhausted by the great loss of blood from the wound received at the hands of James, the greaser, the Indian drops dead, painfully mourned by his beloved friends.... search for An Indian's Friendship on IMDb

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