An Indian's Honor (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Short     Western    
Country USA
Language English
Plot In a frontier bar-room men are lounging about, playing cards and drinking, when two gamblers enter, go to the bar and order drinks, While they are drinking an Indian enters, also orders a drink, and in paying for same displays a roll of bills which the gamblers see and immediately covet. After a whispered conversation they pass to one of the tables and begin a game of cards, inviting the Indian to join them. He agrees. The game proceeds. One wins and then the other. One of the sharps starts a dispute and restrains the Indian from taking the money which is his by right. The Indian insists. The gambler draws a knife, rushes at him, when the Indian, in self-defense, fires his gun and kills the gambler. He then calmly gathers the money and is about to leave when the sheriff enters, notices the general disturbance, ascertains the cause and arrests the Indian. The trial takes place in a frontier cabin, the evidence is submitted and the jury renders a verdict of guilty. The prisoner is about to be led away when another one of his race, who has witnessed the trouble, comes forward and offers himself as substitute prisoner until the time set for the execution, (This custom prevailed in the time of the early West, and the convicted man was given temporary freedom, his substitute agreeing to forfeit his life in case the condemned man failed to report in time.) In the cabin used as a jail the convicted Indian is finishing a meal as his friend enters and signifies his readiness to take the place of the prisoner. The men clasp hands. The sheriff releases the condemned man, who returns to his old haunts for just one more spree before his death. He visits the saloon, the scene of his trouble, imbibes freely and falls asleep at a table. The surviving gambler of our opening scene comes in, sees the drunken man, and as the bartender turns aside, steals the Indian's money and goes away unmolested. The bartender returns, rouses the sleeper, who finds his money gone and no means of returning to the jail, a place he must reach by sundown. The saloonkeeper refuses him a loan, as do various other persons to whom he appeals for aid. Every resource failing, the journey must be made on foot. At the jail, as the time draws near for the execution, the sheriff grows impatient. The substitute is indifferent and has confidence in his friend. Finally several men, presumably minor officials, enter. The sheriff tells the Indian the time is up. Still show indifference, the prisoner accompanies his executioners to a tree where an improvised gallows has been made ready. Meanwhile the real prisoner is with difficulty making his way over the country roads, through swamps and underbrushes, until he comes in sight of his friend being prepared to pay the penalty of his crime. He waves his hands frantically, shouts, and staggers forward. He reaches the officials, pushes aside his friend and tries to take his place, but falls exhausted to the ground. An examination reveals the fact that he is dead. The substitute Indian is freed, and as he walks away he tenderly covers the form of his friend.... search for An Indian's Honor on IMDb

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