An Odd Pair of Limbs (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Comedy     Short    
Country USA
Language English
Plot Two small boys bent on mischief are watching a clerk arrange things in a show case. As he turns and enters the store the kids grab a pair of papier maché limbs and run away. Equipped for business the trouble makers start out. The first victim is a huckster displaying his goods to a lady. The boys approach the cart with the fake legs, stick them under the canvas cover, then ran away. The lady looks up, sees the protruding limbs and nearly faints. The dealer is horrified and dashes madly up the street. The boys slip up, secure the limbs, look around and spy a mail box as the next scene of trouble. They stick the legs partly inside, then hide around the corner. A stout gentleman saunters up with a package, attempts to deposit it, spies the limbs, yells with fright and hurries off. The boys emerge from their hiding place, laugh heartily over their joke, again take the limbs and seek further victims. They spy an automobile. Nobody is around, so they place the limbs one under each front wheel. Passersby soon notice them and hurry to extricate the unfortunate man underneath. A huge beam is used to pry up the wheels. One boy craws under, secures the limbs, and with his companion runs away, leaving the would-be rescuers dumbfounded. They pause beside a line of sewer pipe and with a string they draw the limbs through the pipe, leaving the extreme end outside. Three sporty fellows come along and see the protruding legs. As they approach cautiously the boys at the other end pull the cord and the legs disappear inside. One by one the dudes enter the tube on their hands and knees. When all are inside the boys kick away a stone which has held the pipes in place and they roll into the gutter. Further along a maiden lady is enjoying a quiet nip in a hammock. The jokers stealthily enter the yard and place one artificial limb near her feet. People passing by stop and "rubber" at the strange sight. Meanwhile the clerk, in our opening scene, appears hunting for his "exhibition legs." He is shown the one at the hammock, hurries over and grabs it. The old maid is aroused, attempts to rise, and in the confusion the clerk grabs her foot instead of the artificial limb, gives a yank and breaks the hammock, bumping its occupant on the ground. The spinster jumps up, shrieks and finally faints. A policeman is attracted, and hurries up and beats the clerk, and takes him off to the station.... search for An Odd Pair of Limbs on IMDb

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