Arrowhead (1953) - Watch Online. Directed by Charles Marquis Warren

Genres Drama     Romance     Western    
IMDb rating
Writers W.R. Burnett (novel "Adobe Walls")
Charles Marquis Warren (screenplay)
Country USA
Language English
Runtime 105 min
Arrowhead 1953
Plot Chief of Scouts Ed Bannon narrowly avoids an Apache ambush while working with the cavalry stationed at Fort Clark, Texas. The US Army is trying to talk peace with the Apaches and move them to reservations in Florida, and they take Bannon's efforts as detrimental to their new policies, so they fire him. When the Apache chief's son Torinada returns from an Eastern education, Bannon becomes highly suspicious of his motives based run-ins with Torinada in the past. Bannon continues shadowing the proceedings to the chagrin of both the US Army and the Apache warrior.... see Arrowhead on IMDb

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Set in Texas, ARROWHEAD stars Charlton Heston as Chief of Scouts Ed Bannon, an arrogant man raised by Apache who hates them with a vengeance. When the new Apache chief, Toriano, returns to his people after schooling in the Eastern U.S., Bannon senses the man isn't trustworthy and does not believe the Apaches will uphold the peace plan they have agreed to. With the U.S. Army anxious to send the Apaches to a reservation in Florida, they hope Bannon will not interfere.
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