Article 17 (2013) - Watch Online. Directed by John S. Daniels

Genres Thriller    
Country USA
Language Korean, Spanish, Chinese, English
Plot Society as we know it has collapsed and the corrupt news media together with the politicians in government game the system for their own rule and control of every citizen. Terrorism is used with widespread violence and fear to bring about disarmament and control of society. Society has, in this not too distant future world, fallen under a quiet covert style of marshal law scenario where the people are lied to regularly and fed misinformation by the news broadcasters causing the public to believe the world really has become peaceful. Big pharmaceutical corporations help make reality denial medication that is quietly dispensed to the public. Disagreement with authority becomes criminal. Outside of the major metropolitan areas are human exclusion zones where only highly restricted presence by citizens is allowed. There we also have a rebellious group of people who refused to comply with the tyrannical edicts of an increasingly oppressive autocracy. These savage freedom fighters are repudiated by the establishment. Inside the city a ruthless dictator is emerging who has very little tolerance for peaceful political opposition. All of his political dissidents are hunted down and disappear to black site secret prisons throughout the region. The leader of the largest resistance group in the Ohio valley region has just been captured...... search for Article 17 on IMDb

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