Artist's Inheritance (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Comedy     Short    
Country France
Language French
Plot A young artist, rich in talent and hopes, but poor in money and comforts, receives a registered letter informing him of the death of a wealthy relation and of his falling heir to a big sum of money. On receiving this welcome and timely news our young Rubens starts out to inform his friends, and after many discussions as to how they will spend the first night they all decide on a good dinner. Now a dinner is a very fine and agreeable thing, especially when one is as hungry as our young future artist, but to have such a feast one must have money, and the general call for funds has only produced about one dollar. So they all go, armed with the letter, telling of the heritage to all the traders of the district, First the latter refuse to give our young men any goods except against cash, but on reading the letter soon change their minds, and the whole troupe of merry makers return laden with eatables and wine. They get royally drunk, and one of their comrades falling unconscious under the table, they dress him up in a knight's armor; when hearing the police coming up to arrest them for disturbing the peace of the town, they place the disguised drunkard against the door and climb out themselves through the roof. They reach the street by means of the gutter just in time to see the modern warrior being taken to the police station. They all fall against each other, laughing at the good joke played on police and friend.... search for Artist's Inheritance on IMDb

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