Bao yu jiao yang (1994) - Watch Online. Directed by Tung Cho 'Joe' Cheung

Genres Action    
IMDb rating
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Runtime 97 min
Plot An ex-con has spent the last ten years of his life in prison for defending the lives of his best friend and his best friend's sister. While in jail he learns to become a teacher's aide. In school he comes across these troubled teens who start hanging around a sleazy low-level triad that runs a video arcade, luring kids by exchanging games for drug running. He eventually befriends the kids pissing off the triad who gets him fired by digging up dirt on his past. But he doesn't care, he proposes to his girlfriend and she says yes but a student is still held under the grasp of the triad. So he goes back into action to try and free the kid and ridding the neighborhood of the sleazy scumbag. Can he reach the kid and change the kid's ways? Will the ex-con and his girl live happily ever after?... search for Bao yu jiao yang on IMDb

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