Beaver Hunt (1907) - Watch Online.

Genres Documentary     Short    
Country UK
Language English
Plot A hunting horn sounds in the distance, setting the village dogs barking with excitement, and soon round the corner of the lane there comes the master with his pack of big hounds and bevy of shaggy, rough-coated terriers, the latter yelping and straining at their leashes. Over the meadows we go first, hounds trying the stream bit by bit, then into the woods, where in the shade of the old trees and mass of tall tangled undergrowth, hounds are almost hidden from our view. We have scrambled over many hedges, helping the ladies over at some times, at others ungallantly having to leave them in order that we might get the bioscope's omniscient eye pointed upon the hounds as they begin to whimper and feather on some faint scent. Soon we leave the path and take to the water, wading in and out of cool pools, tripping and slipping on the boulders to the peril of the bioscope. The hills have closed in on either side, fine old oak trees, rich in green, their trunks covered with green lichen, rise up around us, yet we have not found a beaver. But what is that? One old hound hugging the bank gives a whimper, the others gather round, and the terriers, wishing to have their say, dash up and look important; then there is a splash, a streak of shining grey flits across the water, and we are away full cry. Hounds giving tongue, terriers barking, and some local country gentlemen loudly shouting, we race up stream: "Give the hounds room and don't yell," promptly cries the master; the whips take up their positions, cheering on the hounds, and thus we go up the stream, till at last, in a clear, deep pool, the sides of steep rock covered in rich green moss, among a tangled mass of dead tree trunks, the beaver gets away underground. Then the terriers have their day working down into her underground refuge, and out she pops to lead us yet further up among the hills, when, at last, surrounded and secured by hounds, it is caught.... search for Beaver Hunt on IMDb

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