Belle of Bald-Head Row (1907) - Watch Online.

Genres Comedy     Short    
Country USA
Language English
Plot Scene opens with a grandstand, race track. A man in front row, with little or no hair, holding a pair of field glasses. Right in back of bald head is a finely dressed woman, who is marking down the score of races on his bald head. Head is bent down and printing reads: "60 to 1 on Slow Poke." The horses make one lap on track. Just as horses are reaching wire along comes lemonade peddler, who spills a glass or two of lemonade on the bald head of the main figure. He is too interested to pay much attention to it until horses pass wire, when he takes out his clean handkerchief and mops off his head, which turns the handkerchief coal black. This gets him occupied and he begins to show expressions of wonderment. The programme boys now come along and he buys one of them for the lady in the rear, who accepts with smiles, which, of course, has the effect on the bald head. He now changes seats with a small boy, who sits next to nicely dressed lady, for 25 cents. The boy tries to get past bald head and falls into lady's lap and at the same time rubbing cracker-jack on the bald head. At this point the lady becomes embarrassed and starts to get out of the grandstand, with the old bald head close behind, falling all over everybody in his haste to catch up with lady. He falls down stairs, but picking himself up starts after lady, who has in the meantime asked a couple of young fellows to see that bald headed man is given a bum steer. When he arrives young fellows point in another direction. His hat is in his hand and the two young fellows thump him on the bald spot with a bladder. He shakes his fist at them, but sill continues to pursue the lady. She is dodging all over the ground and doing her best to keep away from him. As he is dodging about, he is pushed head first into a watering trough and is pulled out by some men standing in the crowd. In the mixup his hat is seen being tramped on by the race horses, having been thrown there by some boys who found it while he was in the water trough. Lady is now seen in the foreground watching the ponies, when Slow Poke comes under the wire a winner, a 60 to 1 shot. And she then wants to find the bald headed man to thank him for putting her next to the bet. Just at this time she is walking towards the bookmaker to cash in her bet and she finds Mr. Bald Head there also, ready to cash in his bet, 60 to 1 shot. After they both receive their money they walk some distance away from the stand, and he calls an auto, wishing to take the nicely dressed lady to accompany him, when a flashily dressed fellow steps up and gets into the auto be her side. The chauffeur pulls out, leaving the bald headed man, bewildered, standing nearby. Every man, woman and child now gives him the merry ha ha. An old wagon is now seen coming down the street and he gets on, as do also a lot of boys, who are chewing gum. Each boy donates a cud of gum, sticking it on the old fellow's head, which soon becomes to look like real hair. The boys, not yet satisfied, stick a lot of small springs with leaves on them. This changes his appearance to some degree, and getting tired of his tormentors he now tries to extricate himself from the wagon, when one of the boys in the crowd nails his coat tails on the side of the wagon, ripping his coat considerably. He finally releases himself and walking up the street, everybody rubbering and laughing, he goes into the hotel; and the simple word seen on the screen, which reads in large type: STUNG.... search for Belle of Bald-Head Row on IMDb

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