Bludsoe's Dilemma (1912) - Watch Online.

Genres Drama     Short     Western    
Country USA
Language English
Plot Bill Hawkins with his latest sweetheart, Anita, the Spanish dancer, came from the dance hall with Anita lovingly leaning on his arm. Iola, an Indian maid of fierce passions, saw the loving pair and in jealous rage followed them to Hawkins' cabin. John Bludsoe, on his claim some two miles from his cabin, made a rich strike. He hurried home, told his wife, had a hasty dinner, concealed the treasure in a trap door beneath the floor and went again to work. Mrs. Bludsoe then devoted her efforts towards putting the little child to sleep. Bludsoe's strike had been witnessed by Hawkins who followed him, and, through Bludsoe's window, saw the gold secreted. After Bludsoe's departure, Hawkins crept through the window and made short work of the treasure. In an adjoining room, Mrs. Bludsoe heard the noise, and coming into the living room, at once grappled with Hawkins. The child, awakened by the struggle, asked who was there, and with Hawkins' gun against her throat, Mrs. Bludsoe was compelled to reply, "It is your father." She fought again and fell with a bullet in her side. Hawkins, with the gold, hurried from the house, little knowing that the jealous eyes of Iola, his discarded lover, were upon him. He went straight by the sheriff's window and dropped a missive, asking the sheriff to go straight to Bludsoe's cabin. Gathering a posse, the sheriff did so just in time to find Bludsoe kneeling beside his injured wife. the child, in answer to the sheriff's question, said that the father had been with Mrs. Bludsoe, and on this evidence the posse made ready to lynch Bludsoe. Then Iola interfered and the posse gave chase to Hawkins. But Iola had preceded them. Arriving at Hawkins' cabin, she entered without knocking and found Anita and Hawkins examining their spoils. Blocking the door, she bade Hawkins flee and then drawing her dangerous knife gave battle to Anita. Anita, with quick Spanish wit, slipped behind the table, drawing her dagger as she did so. A royal battle followed, the forms of the feminine combatants, one torn with wounded pride and jealousy, the other threatened with frightful death rocked to and fro across the floor. Just as Iola bent her antagonist across her knee for the death stroke, the posse entered. Anita slipped away, Iola sheathed the knife and followed the posse. In the meantime, Hawkins, with the aid of a rope, had let himself over a dangerous precipice. The sharp edge of the rock bit through the hemp and when his body was dangled mid-way, it broke. The posse found a mangled heap of human flesh at the foot of the great divide and wended its way to the Bludsoe cabin, where they found Mrs. Bludsoe smiling happily into the eyes of her husband.... search for Bludsoe's Dilemma on IMDb

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