Bobby White in Wonderland (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Fantasy     Short    
Country USA
Language English
Plot Bobby White, a social derelict, stranded on life's highway, settles himself for a snooze on a grassy bank in the park. An old acquaintance has given Bobby a bottle of booze, and our hero has succumbed to its effects: being a man of imagination, slumberland for him means queer flights of fancy. He dreams that a couple of beautiful children importune their nana to purchase an Italian's entire stock of toy balloons with the laudable purpose of giving him (Bobby) a rise in the world. The Italian gets the money, and Bobby gets the balloons. As the man from Italy ties them to Bobby's frail raiment, he finds himself lifted into space to the joy of the children and the amazement of papa. A trip through the clouds and a sudden drop lands Bobby at the feet of a beautiful woman, who proves to be the Queen of Wonderland. Bobby is conducted to her palace and showered with favors. The Queen asks him his name, and when she learns that it is White, thinks he should have an appearance in keeping. She places Bobby in the magic shell, and, presto, our hero becomes a clown. From now on he has a busy time. A dozen pretty girls surround him and clamor for a kiss. "Oh! this is easy," says Bobby, but the Queen waves her wand and the girls disappear, to Bobby's consternation. His ride through the clouds has sharpened his appetite, and he expresses a desire for food. The Queen places him on the throne, and a repast fit for the gods is spread before him. But our hero soon realizes that he is in Wonderland, as he cracks a large egg and a live gosling springs out. He spreads his napkin and the little girl whom he last saw purchasing balloons to start him on this strange adventure, laughs in his face. He turns to his repast and tumbles headlong to the ground as the table vanishes beneath his hand. Twelve Amazon soldiers, the Queen's bodyguard, march past. Bobby decides that if he had a gun he could kill game and satisfy his hunger in a more substantial way. The Queen waves her wand and a hunter walks by. Bobby says, "Me, too," and the Queen conducts him to the forest. Another wave of the wand and Bobby finds himself equipped in true hunter fashion. The Queen leaves him to his sport and a large tiger stalks into view. Our hero shuts his eyes, pulls the trigger and is highly gratified to find the animal groveling at his feet. He proudly surveys the effect of his wonderful marksmanship, and as he starts to turn the fallen foe over, the inanimate tiger becomes the laughing boy that helped his little sister start him on this amazing voyage. He starts back in surprise and is confronted by a huge African lion. The Monarch of the Forest proceeds to terrorize Bobby, chasing him into another part of the forest. The Queen appears and by her influence subdues the beast, and, after a proper introduction to Mr. White the lion and Bobby become fast friends. But our hero decides that life in Wonderland is entirely too strenuous and expresses a desire to return to his proper person, and then back to the land of the free and the home of the brave. A wave of the magic wand, and an immense airship flying the colors of his native land is at his side. He himself is once more arrayed as he was upon arrival in this land of surprises. He asks the Queen and the lion to come back to America with him, and is highly delighted when they agree. All aboard, and the airship starts on the return trip. But alas, for poor Bobby, a sudden lurch and his companions and the ship shoot up out of sight as he falls earthward. Biff, bang, and he lands on his grassy couch with an awful bump. As he rubs his eyes and takes a survey to see if he is all there, he remembers that bottle. If whiskey makes a man have a dream like that, me for the water wagon.... search for Bobby White in Wonderland on IMDb

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