By the Aid of Wireless (1913) - Watch Online.

Genres Drama     Short    
Country France
Plot Doctor Ratray is living out in the Far East with his two daughters, in charge of a military hospital. One day he makes the alarming discovery that one of the men in the district is stricken with cholera. He is brought into the hospital, which is then isolated. There is a wireless installation in the building, and the doctor soon learns that the disease is rapidly spreading. Naturally anxious as to the safety of his daughters he willing accepts the offer of two officers, who are about to proceed into the interior to experiment with wireless telegraphy, to take charge of the girls, who will thus be removed from chance of infection. The caravan starts on its journey and reaches its destination in safety, and the doctor is glad to receive a message that everyone is in good health. But alas! The germ of the disease was lying dormant, and the younger of the officers is soon dangerously ill. Captain Dancy, the leader of the expedition, implores the girls to leave for home, in charge of his solitary white man servant, but they refuse, preferring to stop and nurse the sick man. Very soon Captain Dancy is also stricken, and the two girls have their bands fully occupied in nursing the sufferers. Mary, the elder of the two girls, has learned the Morse Code, and communicates the sad news that both the officers are at death's door. This terrible news, is, however, destined to be followed by still graver. A man-eater, attracted by the signs of human beings in the neighborhood, makes an assault on the little party. The girls and the devoted man-servant are upon the beast repeatedly, but do not succeed in seriously injuring him. Whilst the man-servant is keeping the ferocious animals at bay, Mary wires to the hospital that death is staring them in the face, for soon their last cartridge will he spent. A messenger is dispatched by the agonized father. But alas! he falls into the hands of the bandits, and it is only after passing through a terrible experience, that he is able to free himself from their clutches. He arrives on the scene just as the lion is springing on his defenseless prey, and with unerring aim he is able to stretch the savage beast in the dust. Turning his attention to the suffering men in the tent, he injects a life-giving serum in their forearms, and we have little doubt that they will thus be snatched from the jaws of death.... search for By the Aid of Wireless on IMDb

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