Captured by Telephone (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Crime     Drama     Short    
Country USA
Language English
Plot In a back yard of a comfortable suburban home a little boy and girl are seen emerging from the back door. The boy has two empty tin cans and a long piece of twine. He explains to the little girl how he can make a telephone. After demonstrating it to their entire satisfaction, they enter the house with the improvised telephone, fasten it to the wall and converse through it. The children now go to the back yard to the hen house, where one end of the telephone is attached and the other end taken to their nursery. They speak into the tin can, exchange places, the boy going to the nursery, the little girl to the hennery. The mother is shown the toy telephone, and speaks through it, as does the cook. That night a negro burglar is seen sneaking up to the same hen house. He carries a big bag, looks up with fear of detection, at last breaks the lock and passes inside. Now the nursery is seen lighted by moonlight. The window is open, and the children's two cribs are conspicuously in evidence. The mother comes in and kisses each child good-night. A short time elapses. The little boy stirs, rises in bed and climbs out in his pajamas. The telephone catches his eye, and, unconscious of anything being wrong, places it to his ear. He starts back in amazement as strange sounds come from it, the burglar breaking into the hen coop. He calls his sister, also his parents. Everyone is excited. The father hurriedly gets a shotgun, and following him, the other members repair to the chicken house. The dog is just opening and the negro is coming out with his bag filled with chickens. He is surprised by the party and quickly surrenders. The constable takes him off to jail. The father pets his little boy and girl, congratulating them that their innocent toy was the means of capturing a marauder.... search for Captured by Telephone on IMDb

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