Carl Hagenbeck's Wild Animal Park at Hamburg Germany (1907) - Watch Online.

Genres Documentary     Short    
Country UK
Language English
Plot In his park at Stellingen, under the direct patronage of H.I.M. the Emperor of Germany, Mr. Carl Hagenbeck, the world's principal importer of wild animals, assembles all the creatures collected for him in every corner of the earth. Mr. Carl Hagenbeck's aim is to keep the animals in the most healthy condition possible, and this he achieves by affording the maximum amount of freedom under the artificial conditions allowed by a judicious system of pens and enclosures. Where convenient, the animals are not divided by fences, but by ingeniously concealed moats or ditches, which suffice to keep the different classes apart. By these means, animals, particularly those from tropical countries, become gradually accustomed to restraint. The Arctic arrangements are clever in the extreme, and though in the pictures the polar bears and seals, the sea lions and reindeer, appear to be herded together, in reality the moats separating the creatures effectually segregate each class. In his wild animal part Mr. Hagenbeck makes a special feature of cross breeding, and in this he is achieving marvelous results. A hybrid resulting from the union of a lion sire and a tiger dam is a powerful and handsome animal, though at present it appears to possess the fierce traits of both parents and the good qualities, if they exist, of neither. As may be imagined, the operator's task was, under these conditions of wild animal freedom, not altogether enviable, the highly successful results necessitating close proximity to the various beasts photographed, This was accomplished, however, without mishap, though at the cost of some expenditure of nervous energy when the creatures evinced a morbid curiosity about and showed great interest in, the manipulation of the cameras, the following being secured: Somali sheep and lambs climbing the rocks. Procession of ruminating animals past the camera, a mixed herd of zebu, yak, springbok, camels, Japanese deer, buffalo and calf, dromedary, eland, llama and guianaca. Mountain goats and kids; Markhoor and Barbary sheep, climbing. Flocks of cranes and storks in and out of the lake. Herd of antelopes, bounding and springing in marvelous manner. Chimpanzees. A family party put to bed and left. Old man Chimp yawns, stretches, and goes away on a prowl, followed by his progeny. The old lady remains for a time, but eventually hastens after her lord to collect evidence for divorce proceedings. Herd of Ostriches. Great commotion is caused by the introduction of three new arrivals, females. Genuflections, strutting and general "showing off" on the part of the eligible males, upon matrimony intent; a beautiful and striking picture. Elephant and native Mahout. An enormous specimen is marched past the camera. Elephant at work. At the bidding of his Mahout he removes logs, stones and tree stumps with ease. Head, trunk and feet are brought into play with equal facility. Reindeer at home. Polar bears on the opposite rocks. Climbing from point to point, they cast eyes of longing at the reindeer across the gulf. Seals and sea-lions in their natural environment of water and rock, diving, splashing, chasing and playing. Penguins and seals; a pretty picture. Lions, lionesses and cubs; a numerous family party. A Young hybrid, born of tiger mother and lion father. Group of lions, at home in a cave of the rocks. A little love affair. Tigress makes overtures to lion, who reciprocates, to the indignation of his lawful spouse, the lioness, who sulks.... search for Carl Hagenbeck's Wild Animal Park at Hamburg Germany on IMDb

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