Casey's Nightmare (1903) - Watch Online.

Genres Comedy     Short    
Country USA
Plot Casey, after a night with the boys, decides to put up at a hotel and sober up before facing his wife at home. He is first shown his room by one of the maids, whom he proceeds to make love to. She throws him one side and leaves the room. As she departs, one of the butlers appears with Casey's grips and stands where the maid did when she knocked Casey over. Casey, being of a very lovable disposition, picks himself up, and, taking the butler for the maid, starts to hug him. He soon discovers his mistake and kicks the unfortunate man across the room. Casey then removes his coat, hat and boots and hands them to the butler, who arranges them on the hat-rack to resemble a man. He then leaves the room. Casey, when he finds himself alone, proceeds to light his pipe. As he approaches the candle for a light, it is suddenly seen to rise in the air and is blown out by a picture which turns to life. It comes back to its place on the table, after being extinguished, and Casey lights it. He again attempts to light his pipe, when the candle is drawn up from the table, and swallowed by the demon picture. Casey then sees his clothes on the rack, and thinking them a man, attempts to kick him. The stand comes to life and knocks Casey down. This enrages him, and getting up, he hits the offender a terrible blow, but is surprised to find that he has only knocked the rack over. He adjusts it, and as he reaches for his boots, they run up the wall. He attempts to don his nightshirt, but it is drawn up to the demon's mouth and disappears. Disgusted, he jumps into bed. The bed seems to come to life and gives Casey a severe shaking up, turning over on him, and doing all sorts of strange tricks. An imp now appears on the scene, and after many attempts to kill him with a club, Casey sees him standing in front of the door. As he brings down his club with terrible force, the imp changes places with a waiter who has brought Casey his breakfast. Instead of hitting the imp, Casey strikes the tray held by the waiter, and knocks it out of his hands. The noise made by the broken dishes attracts the proprietor of the hotel and all his servants to Casey's room. They endeavor to rid themselves of their unwelcome guest, but Casey is more or less of an acrobat and eludes the proprietor by turning somersaults through windows. He rushes out one window and in another, followed by his pursuers. Finally he runs in the door and throws down a shelf full of crockery on his pursuers' heads, knocking them down. The picture ends by showing Casey disappearing up a chimney. This picture is sure to keep an audience in a continuous uproar.... search for Casey's Nightmare on IMDb

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