Caught, a Detective Story (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Crime     Drama     Short    
Country USA
Language English
Plot A number of thieves are congregated in their rendezvous. Three of them go out; walking down the street, a sign "man wanted" is prominently displayed in a pawnbroker's window. As this building is situated next to a bank, the robbers conceive a plan whereby they can gain access to and rob the bank through the aid of an accomplice. At their den the scheme is thoroughly discussed. One of the men, disguised as a cripple, applies for the open position. His references prove satisfactory and he is put to work. His companion on the outside observes the successful beginning of their plan and reports to the other thieves. A bogus telegram, "Come home at once, wife very ill," is written and another member of the gang delivers it to the unsuspecting money-lender, who packs a few things in a grip and leaves. As soon as the coast is clear the cripple locks the door and rushes downstairs into the cellar. He measures about the wall and starts to work. In the meantime his pals arrive, are admitted; one is left behind on watch, the others descend to the cellar and commence to dig a tunnel to the bank building. In a short time the pawnbroker returns, the watcher gives the alarm and work is temporarily suspended. After thinking over the telegram, the proprietor decides to consult the police. At the station house the story is told, the fake message displayed. The captain listens, shows the man pictures of criminals, and the cripple is immediately recognized. A detective is summoned and departs with the pawnbroker. The shadow walks past the bank and pawnshop, sizes things up, then both enter the bank. The bank officials are interviewed, and an examination made, after which the two men return to the police station. A squad is detached to capture the thieves. Back to the bank the officers go, place men in position outside to intercept any way of escape; the others and the detective enter the bank vault. Changing to another scene, we see the robbers working very hard tunneling underneath the building. Inside the vault the officials and police officers are in hiding behind chests, etc., awaiting developments. Slowly the slab is thrown back, a head appears, the man climbs out, turns and helps the others. When all but the cripple are out, the police close in and capture the entire band, except the cripple, who in the excitement escapes down the hole, and, as he emerges from the pawnbroker's shop, he also is captured.... search for Caught, a Detective Story on IMDb

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