Ching Ling Foo's Greatest Feats (1902) - Watch Online.

Genres Fantasy     Short    
Country USA
Plot The entrance to a Chinese Temple forms the background of the picture. Three rather hideous Chinese heads are carved upon door. The heads slowly vanish until only one head and bust remains. This in a mysterious way is turned into a beautiful Chinese maiden. The maiden is commanded by the conjurer to step down from the door, and she does so, standing in the center of the stage. A huge Chinese lantern is placed over her. The lantern gradually grows small, until it is reduced to a small lamp, and the maid has disappeared. The conjurer then takes a fan, and waving it slowly in the air, causes a large Chinese lamp to appear in the center, and on either side a dozen small lamps. The entire lot are then raised some distance above the door, when immediately great showers of stringy silk begin pouring from the lanterns. A huge vase then appears, and the conjurer commands the silk to go into the vase, which it does. He then waves his hand, and the pretty maiden rises up from the top of the vase. He places a rug over the maiden and instantly she turns into an ugly Chinaman. The conjurer is then furious and commands the Chinaman to disappear, when he drops through the stage like a lightning flash, and ends the scene.... search for Ching Ling Foo's Greatest Feats on IMDb

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