Choke.Kick.Girl: The Series (2010) - Watch Online.

Genres Action     Comedy    
Country USA
Language English
Plot In the United States, somebody gets screwed-over every day in some manner. Pension funds are squandered by CEO's, investment opportunities turn up false, and on and on... The consequences are; the common man (mankind) gets screwed out of their hard earned dollar, and their perpetrators are left unpunished or slapped on the wrist. Well, what if those perpetrators were punished with physical pain and/or death?... What if Bernie Madoff woke up in his cell every day, not with his normal face in the mirror, but a face that's riddled with scars. His bones and joints ache from being shattered. That's what our main character, Sam Bransby, does... That's what "Pension Recovery Force" does!... search for Choke.Kick.Girl: The Series on IMDb

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