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Genres Documentary     Short    
Country UK
Language English
Plot In this particular instance we have obtained a very fine picture of a South American Coffee Plantation, "Cafetal," known as "La Maria," situated near Bogota, and owned by a wealthy coffee grower, "Cafetero," Emiliano Paez. First Scene, "Gathering the berries." At work in the plantation. Fine detail of the rich, ripe fruit. Second Scene, "Husking." A good view is here obtained of the peculiar nature of the husking process. The machine is in full work. The berries are poured into the hopper, passed through the dividers, or peelers, and turned out at the bottom fresh and clean. The husking machine is worked by water power, which is obtained from the adjacent stream, the water being brought to the power-wheel by means of a wooden duct. The above process is seen with minute distinctness. Third Scene, "Drying in Sheds." After husking, the beans are taken for drying to the "Drying House," a long, high, narrow building in the depth of a wood. Here the beans are packed into long bags of 20 to 30 feet in length and about 6 inches wide. When a number of these are suspended from the roof rafters the effect is very curious, giving the appearance of enormous, abnormally-sized sausages. The temperature of the drying house is kept at 80 to 90 degrees by means of a furnace beneath the floor. Fourth Scene, "Sun-drying." The process is then completed by the sun. The beans are placed in large wooden trays 10 feet by 6 feet and 8 inches deep, which are supported on trestles. Then when the sun is at its height the plantation hands go out, and with a long hoe-like apparatus turn the beans over and over till they are thoroughly dry. Fifth Scene, "Hand Sorting." This is done by women who, seated at long benches, clean and sort the beans preparatory to packing. Sixth Scene, "Dispatching Beans by Mule to the Coast." The dried and sorted beans are then packed away in sacks and loaded on to mules. To load a South American mule in such a way that he will carry his burden it is necessary to blindfold him, for should he see the load placed on his pannier by the "peons" he will stubbornly refuse to budge an inch, and will stand stiff-legged, in spite of all the urging in the world. But if he is blindfolded and then loaded, his eyes being uncovered, he solemnly goes on his mulish way. Seventh Scene, "A Refreshing Cup of Coffee in Old England; Enjoying Coffee on the Lawn." A cool and refreshing scene in striking comparison with the sun-scorched, arduous scenes which have gone before. Probably not one per cent of the vast number of those who enjoy the invigorating beverage has any conception whatever of the labor and toil entailed in the heat of the broiling sun, far away in the South American Continent, to provide the means of brewing the delicious drink.... search for Coffee Plantation on IMDb

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