Drama in a Spanish Inn (1907) - Watch Online.

Genres Drama     Short     Thriller    
Country France
Language French
Plot An hotelkeeper and his wife are quarreling over the receipts of the shop. The wife asks her husband for money and is repulsed and thrust away, while the miserly husband gloats over the money which he has gained during the day. Then he retires for the night. A Spanish gentleman, on horseback and benighted, rides up to the inn, wakes the host and asks his hospitality, which is given. In paying for his lodging the gentleman draws out a large quantity of gold, at the sight of which the landlord's eyes glisten with envy. The guest is led to the room by the landlord and goes to sleep. Not so the landlord, whose cupidity has been aroused by the sight of the gold, which he determines to obtain. He is about to put his scheme into execution when he is confronted by the wife, who begs him to desist from evil-doing, and she is again thrust away. The innkeeper now goes into the chamber and robs his victim, who is awakened and struggles with the robber and tries to regain his money. The host knocks the guest insensible in the sight of the wife, who has again appeared upon the scene, hearing the struggle between the two men. The wife flees from her husband and the house, determined to bring him to justice. The husband remains to dispose of his victim but soon notices the absence of his wife, whom he follows, using the horse of his guest to aid him in overtaking her. A mad chase is then seen, but is won by the wife, who enters a police station. On seeing that he is outdone, the landlord returns to the inn and eyes the still insensible man. In the meantime the wife has explained to the magistrate, who orders police officers to accompany her back to the inn, which they find barricaded by the innkeeper. Forcing their way in, they make their way to the room, where they find the innkeeper trying to hide the gold. After a struggle, he is taken off to prison, and the wife gives thanks for her deliverance.... search for Drama in a Spanish Inn on IMDb

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