Fly Paper (1908) - Watch Online.

Genres Comedy     Short    
Country USA
Language English
Plot Two mischievous boys sit watching some flies swarm around Tanglefoot fly paper. The spirit of mischief predominates and they decide to see what affect it will have on their little dog which they place on the fly paper and have great sport watching his antics. The idea then strikes them to carry the sport further, so off they hasten to the nearest drug store to procure the fly paper. After securing their implements of mischief they start out on their quest for fun. The first victim proves to be a tramp asleep in the park. After plastering fly paper all over the soles of his shoes, they wake him up and have great fun through his endeavor to remove the fly paper. At last he slips off his shoes and starts after them. Next an old gentleman reading his morning paper suggests an idea to the boys. They stuff his hat full of fly paper, then tease him until he grabs his hat and puts it on to start after them. They laugh with great glee at the result. Now the old maid making herself beautiful proves the next victim. After that, they discover a baby attended by a nurse and decide that fly paper will be an excellent plaything for it but are interrupted in their sport by the arrival of their other victims. The mischievous kids discover two lovers coming down the walk looking for a secluded seat to continue their love making. The boys cover the bench with fly paper and await the results which prove disastrous to the lovers. They hasten along the park, the kids come to a sleeping policeman against a lamp post. The opportunity is too good to miss and they contrive to get the fly paper under each foot before their pursuers arrive. Hastening out of the park they hit upon a plan to have more fun with their victims. They spread the gateway full of fly paper and stretch a rope across the entrance and await the coming of their pursuers. At the critical moment the hiding boys pull the rope taut and down goes the entire bunch falling and rolling in the mass of sticky fly paper, but their glee is short lived for they are captured by a policeman and their victims in turn plaster them all over with fly paper from head to foot.... search for Fly Paper on IMDb

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